Friday, 3 April 2009

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, a small taste of the summer months to come I hope. I spent all day in my little garden with my dog. I grouted the 2nd boot, and it dried enough for me to clean off the surplus grout, and then later I cleaned it off properly. In between times I read a book and sunbathed...heaven. It's amazing how much happier just one day of sunshine can make you feel, well it did me :o)

This morning I did the first coat of varnish on the boot, and am full of idea's for future projects. After having a good few weeks of being totally uninspired, this comes as a great relief and I am looking forward to start producing some more works of art.

I also put a new antivirus detector on my pc, along with a decent spyware one and a defragmenter which is supposed to do a much better job than the windows one. I've run all 3 this morning, and so far my pc hasn't frozen today. The antivirus prog is brilliant, and didn't slow down my pc hardly at all, unlike avast and avg which I've used previously. Thanks to Alan in Bangor for sending the links to those.

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