Sunday, 19 April 2009

Early Morning

After having about a week of waking up at a normal time, I'm back to my 4 am start to the day. Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, but there was a really cold sea breeze blowing across our back garden, did that stop me sitting out there all day ... course not !! My daughter Jenny joined me and being one of those unfortunate people that feels the cold at the best times, she had a double layer of goose pimples lol. Today looks set to be another glorious day, with the sunrise sending beautiful orange and pink colours through my bathroom window as I type.

While in the garden yesterday, I managed to cut out 21 angel bodies and 42 wings and then a further 6 bodies and 12 wings at night. Miraculously I only cut my fingers once, but this one cut is in a really awkward place and keeps splitting back open every time I cut more of the hazards of doing stained glass. Today I think I'll clean off any sharp pieces of glass and copper foil the ones I've done so far, ready for soldering. I wish I'd have thought to get some sticks of solder while I was down at the gallery last week though.

My poor old dog Zacs back legs, seem to be getting weaker by the day. When we took him down the beach yesterday he started off ambling around at his usual pace, after only 15mins he'd slowed right down, bless him, and I've noticied he seems to be having more problems getting up too. But apart from a sigh as he sits down, he doesn't appear to be in any pain. I wonder if there's a doggie equiverlant to cod liver oil capsules that might ease his joints a bit for him, time to check it out on my friend google me thinks.

Last night I managed to find a code to make thumbnail photo's to pop up as bigger photo's by using a mouseover effect. This is something I've been wanting for ages and looked for for ages too, but after a quick word with the ever helpful Tony it seems I was looking under html scripts, rather than dhtml scripts I needed. So armed with this knowledge once the stained glass things are done, I might actually start building the well overdue website. All I need now is a name for it, I've used Anglesey in the name of all my other websites, but as it's by no means certain that I'll be living here forever, I'm reluctant to use it on this website. I need an easy to remember name, but something that covers all aspects of the arts and crafts I do, all suggestions on a postcard please to ........ lol.

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