Saturday, 4 April 2009

Odd night

I had a very odd nights sleep last night, usually I go out for the count even though I don't sleep for long. But last night I kept waking up all the time, very odd ...why can't I just be normal and sleep for 7hrs lol !!

I was very dissapointed that yesterday wasn't as sunny as it was supposed to be :o( so I had to come inside and do the first coat of varnish in the house. Today I'll do the 2nd coat and that'll be the boot finished ( photo's tomorrow hopefully ) and I can move on to another project. I have to be very strict with myself and not start a new project until the first one is finished otherwise I get side tracked and nothing ever gets finished lol.

I think the painful shoulder has pretty much gone, what a relief that is. It lingered on way too long for my liking. Maybe old age is just catching up on me and I don't just bounce back from things like I used too lol :o(

I found a very interesting stained glass and mosaic forum yesterday, which I've joined. It's American based as most of these sites are, but always interesting to browse. It can be very frustrating to see how well the US caters for glass based crafts. I've noticed before how many great things are available over there, that aren't here. When the GBP was strong it was no problem and I could get things imported, but now it just works out way too expensive sadly.

My daughter Jenny arrived back from Manchester late last nite with her friend Charley. They seem to have had a great time .... but were very tired, so I expect I'll hear more from them today about their adventures, before Charley goes back to her home town of Bristol.

The sun is shinning this morning, I hope it stays out so I can go and sit in the garden when it warms up a bit :o)

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