Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Another new project

I started another new project yesterday. This one will take a lot more time than the clear glass mosaic mirror, as it includes loads of different designs and will have beads as well as glass in it. I think I may have made a fundemental error in the clear glass mirror, I should have sealed the holographic paper to make it waterproof BEFORE I put the glass on lol.....ooooops. This is why I have moved on to another mirror, so I can ponder whether to take off all the glass tiles and seal or risk the paper going all soggy while the grout goes off. I know what the sensible answer is...but can I be bothered !! The start of this new mirror involves using all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes of glass and beads, so at the moment my front room looks like a bombs hit it ... oh well it had been tidy for a couple weeks (quite a record for me)

Why is it the older I get the quicker my hair seems to grow ? I had to cut my hair again the day before yesterday, I'm sure I only cut it a month ago. As I cut it, I lost the last remnants of the colours I had it dyed last time ... awww I loved the pink, brown, black and purple it was this time. But at £48 a time to get it dyed, that is treat that'll have to go on the back burner for a good while now, back to boring old grey again :o(

My oldest daughter, goes for her driving test today, good luck Em. When I was chatting to her a couple of nights ago on msn, she told me her driving instructor had pointed out a basic error she had been making with her clutch control !! I was appalled, this should have been pointed out to her almost 12 months ago. I had my doubts about the competence of this instructor many months ago, when he didn't teach her how to do an emergency stop until a lesson or two, before her first test. His explanation for this was .... it wrecks his tyres !! Isn't that why they get paid £20 an hour, to cover such expenses as this ? I just know this instructor is one of those ones that drag out the lessons as long as possible, to make the most amount of money from his pupils. He's an elderly guy almost due to retire, so is no longer interested in his pass rate, unfortunately so, for his would be drivers grrrrrr.

I was reading someone else's blog the other day, and it had me roaring with laughter. I really do think that some people have missed their vocation in life, and should have been writers. This lady's views on Gregg Wallace a chef on a tv program called Master Chef is hysterical, this guys description of himself as the " Cooking Womans Crumpet " is ripped to shreds, with her colourful description of the actual reality of this guys appeal to women !! I have to say I totally agree with her, this man must be delusional to think he is the answer to a lot of womens dreams. If you fancy reading it http://menopausaloldbag.blogspot.com/ check out the blog entry dated 30th March.

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