Sunday, 8 January 2012

Time doesn't half fly when you're having fun.

Already a week into the New Year before I get round to writing on my blog. A belated Happy New Year to everyone, I hope every one's dreams and wishes happen for them this year. Has anyone made any new resolutions ? I don't usually bother, but as I had such an unproductive one art and craft wise last year, I am going to try and do much more this year, and stop being so dammed lazy lol !! It will be hard though, as I'm loving the freedom of being able to get out and about to so many places, since I started staying with Jim. As he's someone that loves being out and about too we are a very good combination. Even in the really windy weather we've been having, we've been out and about most days.

The wind has brought down many branches where we are, so we've been collecting wood most afternoons. Even if they don't get used this year as it's so mild for January, it can sit in the garden and dry out ready for next year. You can never have too many logs !! My poor scooter is looking very muddy, but there seems little point in cleaning it as it'll only get dirty again when we go in the woods the next day ...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it lol.

My daughter Jenny came and fetched me before Christmas, and we spent a few very happy days together. I don't think either of us realised how much we'd missed each other. On Boxing day we headed down to the Midlands, to go and spend some time with my oldest daughter, and then the plan was to go the next day to my oldest sons and stay at his overnight. However, things didn't go to plan, eating meat for a couple of days over the Christmas period really upset my stomach and I had bad pains all the way down to the Midlands. I was also starting to really miss Jim, as he stayed behind to be with his family too. As the day went on, the pains didn't ease and I got a blinding headache into the bargain. I got really upset, and when Jen asked me if I wanted to set off back to Jims earlier than planned I agreed. I felt bad about not seeing the rest of the family and not going out for a meal with family and friends, but as it turned out I was in pain for another couple of days before it started to ease off. So I think the right decision was made. Also a couple of days after I got back Jim came down with man flu, so it was nice for me to look after him, as he did me, when I was ill.

I did get to met up with some of my grand kids while I was at my oldest daughters, so that was good, as I haven't seen some of them for quite a while. I also got to see my youngest sons two kids while I was back in Anglesey, and really enjoyed that too.

Enough of my waffling on, and here's a few photo's of family taken over the Christmas period.

A lovely photo of my grand daughter Kacey, and although I took loads of her laughing and smiling I particularly liked this one.


Kaceys little sister Ruby Jo, who looks so like Kacey did when she was young.


My daughter Jenny in the middle with Lacey Mae on the left of the photo and my great grandson (am I really that old :o( ) Tyler.


Another one of Tyler, who was happy and laughing the whole day bless him.