Thursday, 30 April 2009

Quite a good day :o)

Yesterday was the day for my long awaited and put off hospital appointment. The news was good in some ways and bad in others, the good is that I don’t have to have any physiotherapy …the bad is there’s nothing they can do to help me. My last bout of sciatica was so bad, it’s scarred my sciatic nerve permanently, which in turn has caused the numbness in my foot and leg. The numbness in my toes including the big toe, is what has been making me more unstable when I walk and more likely to trip, which I’d already sussed out. The weakness in my big toe means that I’ve been advised not to walk barefoot any longer as there’s a good chance I will fall, being someone that quite likes being barefoot, that’s a bit of a blow… but you do what you have to do.

On the way back home, we popped into the gallery as planned for me to drop off some stained glass angels. Mike’s first words to me were “Can you see anything missing ?“ I looked round the gallery and didn’t register straight away …my daughter noticed straight away that one of my mosaic guitars had gone !! The half sized one has been sold whooooo,  the guy that bought it was apparently a guitarist, and although he’d shown some initial interest in the guitar after talking to Mike about it for 15 mins he wandered off, so Mike thought his sales patter hadn’t succeeded. Then the guy came back an hour later and said he just had to have my guitar. This guitar was my first 3D mosaic and caused me a lot of problems, but I’m glad I persevered and didn’t let it beat me. My daughters working in the gallery on Saturday, so unless a better offer comes along I’ll probably go down there and spend the day with her, while I’m there I’ll probably make a new display for the angels to show them off better… with Mike’s approval of course.

I had an email this morning from a webring I’m on, stating that Geocities websites are all due to be closed down, possibly as soon as early summer, so anyone that has a Geocities website needs to back up all their stuff on there if they want to save it. I’ve backed up some of my older photo’s on there, not that Ill use them on the new website as the quality is very poor, but it’s nice to see how you’ve progressed over the years.

So all in all yesterday was quite a positive one, I got home and immediately started soldering the rainbow sun catchers together. I will be putting some photo’s on of my latest creations, once I’ve located the camera lead !! In the meantime here’s the guitar that’s just sold, the first photo is it before it was grouted, the second after it was grouted.




Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A lovely surprise

After doing 2 weeks shopping in a record 1 1/4hrs record time yesterday at 3 different supermarkets, my daughter was really keen to take me to show me a new beach her friends had shown here. At first I wasn’t so keen as my back was already pretty painful from going shopping, but my daughter was very persistent. I’m really glad she was, as it was gorgeous beach with a beautiful old bluebell wood on the right as you walk down to it. It’s a beautiful sandy beach with some tree’s behind it. The tide was in and so my dog couldn’t resist going for a paddle, followed very quickly after, by a roll in the sand lol, he looked so funny. But he didn’t need much encouragement to go back in for another dip to get rid of the sand. If dogs can smile, I’m pretty sure my dog was smiling at me while he stood in the sea looking as though he wanted me to go and play with him. If we’d have had more time I probably would have done. I’d have also liked to explore the wood with my proper camera too. I’ll be interested to see how busy this beach gets in the summer as it’s so tucked away, I can’t see the average tourist finding it to be honest… hope so anyway.It’s a perfect place to take my little grand daughter in the summer I can’t wait !! I’ve put some photo’s but I had to use my camera phone, so sorry if the quality isn’t as good as usual.

I finished off the stained glass angels yesterday, with a good clean and their little hanging loops attached. I’m really pleased there done now, so I can move on to the sun catchers. I’m keen to see how the 2 new designs of a ladybird and a pentagram, I’ve done turn out.




Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Arhhhhh now I understand

Yesterday I tried out using Windows Live to do my blog on but it never appeared !! But this morning I see why now, I’d forgotten to untick the publish date.

Still not a lot going on in my little corner of Anglesey, I spent all day yesterday soldering these sweet little angels. Not that I was calling them sweet by the end of last night after burning my fingers for the umpteenth time lol. Sum total of pieces of glass soldered yesterday and this morning first thing …. 100 !! Then of course I had to solder all the pieces together too and add the little hanging wires which I make to be another 100 pieces soldered, the things I do to earn a crust and a tiny crust at that I might add.

I was talking to my oldest daughter last night on msn, and she was waiting for her hubby to come back with a plant she’d won on Freecycle. What a monster it turned out to be too !! I’ve told if she gets bored with it , to give me a shout I’ll give it a very good home, although I think my dog might think it’s a tree. As you can see from the photo, it’s quite a large yucca plant lol.



Monday, 27 April 2009

Ramblings from an artist on Anglesey

Trying Something New

For  a change I thought I’d try writing my blog using Windows Live, not sure why seeing as I’m quite happy with doing it on the actual blog lol, but this way has a few little extra’s. For example I can tilt my photo’s or add more photo’s in row, watermark my photo’s, add a hyperlink very easily etc etc.

I spent yesterday in the garden cutting out even more stained glass, I thought I’d do a few different ones, so I’ve cut out a few ladybird sun catchers and also 2 or 3 pentagrams too. The pentagrams were surprisingly difficult as there’s so many straight lines. Yes straight lines are harder to cut than any others….. Then last night I started the job I hate the most soldering, when soldering small things the glass heats up very quickly and I get constant burns on my fingers. But it needs to be done, as I thought I might as well drop some of the angels off at the gallery on the way to my hospital appointment on Weds, all in the name of saving petrol of course !!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Not a lot to report

Well as this week has been a frenzy of cutting and foiling glass, my posts are low on the ground. BUT for the want of something better to do at 5am in the morning, I've worked out that I've cut and foiled 192 pieces of glass, foiled 30 nuggets and have cut a further 40 pieces of glass for different shaped suncatchers. No wonder my hands are a mass of tiny cuts and pretty sore.

My daughter came back from Bromsgrove on Thursday, and a very welcome sight she was too. I missed her more than usual this time, for some reason. I was also desperately in need of some pop and marg, as I'd run out of both while she was away. lol.

The beautiful sunny weather came to a sudden halt a couple of days ago, and we're back to typical spring showers boooooooo lol.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Busy busy busy

For the last two days I've really knuckled down, and got on with finishing copper foiling the stained glass angels and also have started cutting out the glass for making some colourful suncatchers which were very popular last time I did them. I now have 30 of the little angels ready to solder and 9 suncatchers ready to copper foil, so far.

Yesterday morning I went downstairs to my art room where all my glass etc is stored to look for a particular thing I needed. I started to tidy up the said room and came across something I'd forgotten about, I also found some dichcroic pendants I'd mislaid too, along with some much needed solder. Carrying on my search I realised that I'd completely forgotten what it was I was looking for originally, and still can't remember now 24 hrs later annoying !!!

I am following with interest Gordon Browns plans to overhaul mp's expenses. This is long overdue to my mind. I find it disgusting when almost every normal person is having to tighten their belts due to the recession, and people on benefits, are now living well below the breadline with the cost of food and utility bills constantly rising, these mp's have been allowed ridiculous amounts of money to furnish their 2nd homes, which supposedly allow them to represent us in parliment, and also studidly high day to day expenses. I've put a photo of the current allowances for furnishing a 2nd home, the prices of most of the items allowed is ridiculously high, whoever decided these allowances has obviously never heard of Argos !!!

My time in the garden yesterday, was drastically reduced due to my search in the art room. But when I did get out there, despite all the weather forcasts saying it wouldn't be sunny , it was very sunny although whispy clouds occasionally slide across the sun. Today there is a heavy fog outside hopefully the wrmth of the sun with quickly burn this away.


Monday, 20 April 2009

What a scorcher !!

Yesterday, was I'm sure the hottest day of the year so far, and today looks like it's going to follow suit too. I've just sat in the garden for the first time this year and ate my breakfast and already at the early hour of 8.30am the sun is very warm, so after a quick bath, guess where I'll be spending the day lol.

Yesterday, I'm ashamed to say I got very little work done on the angels, I only managed to copper foil 5 of them all day. The lure of sitting reading a book in the sun, was just too much temptation !! So the plan today is to get outside earlier and force myself to work on the angels till 12 and then read and sunbathe for the rest of the day....time will tell if that little plan works out lol.

For some strange reason my neighbour two doors down, decide that it would be a good idea to stand at her wall and stare at me for 10 full minutes. She made no attempt to speak, just stared strange, and it was, I might add very disconcerting lol.

My daughter Jenny got to Bromsgrove safely yesterday, albeit with one sunburnt arm from the drive down there lol. Her and my other daughter went to visit the Jinny Ring Craft Centre where there is a lovely pond to feed the ducks. As you can see from the photo's, my as always mischevious little grand daughter Lacey Mae, thought it would be an excellent place for a paddle, and the end result when Auntie Jenny said " I don't think so " lol. I can't wait for summer to get Lacey in the sea, she and I had a paddle last year, when summer was long gone, and even then despite the freezing cold water and chilly wind Lacey wanted to deeper and deeper lol.





Sunday, 19 April 2009

Early Morning

After having about a week of waking up at a normal time, I'm back to my 4 am start to the day. Oh well it was nice while it lasted.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, but there was a really cold sea breeze blowing across our back garden, did that stop me sitting out there all day ... course not !! My daughter Jenny joined me and being one of those unfortunate people that feels the cold at the best times, she had a double layer of goose pimples lol. Today looks set to be another glorious day, with the sunrise sending beautiful orange and pink colours through my bathroom window as I type.

While in the garden yesterday, I managed to cut out 21 angel bodies and 42 wings and then a further 6 bodies and 12 wings at night. Miraculously I only cut my fingers once, but this one cut is in a really awkward place and keeps splitting back open every time I cut more of the hazards of doing stained glass. Today I think I'll clean off any sharp pieces of glass and copper foil the ones I've done so far, ready for soldering. I wish I'd have thought to get some sticks of solder while I was down at the gallery last week though.

My poor old dog Zacs back legs, seem to be getting weaker by the day. When we took him down the beach yesterday he started off ambling around at his usual pace, after only 15mins he'd slowed right down, bless him, and I've noticied he seems to be having more problems getting up too. But apart from a sigh as he sits down, he doesn't appear to be in any pain. I wonder if there's a doggie equiverlant to cod liver oil capsules that might ease his joints a bit for him, time to check it out on my friend google me thinks.

Last night I managed to find a code to make thumbnail photo's to pop up as bigger photo's by using a mouseover effect. This is something I've been wanting for ages and looked for for ages too, but after a quick word with the ever helpful Tony it seems I was looking under html scripts, rather than dhtml scripts I needed. So armed with this knowledge once the stained glass things are done, I might actually start building the well overdue website. All I need now is a name for it, I've used Anglesey in the name of all my other websites, but as it's by no means certain that I'll be living here forever, I'm reluctant to use it on this website. I need an easy to remember name, but something that covers all aspects of the arts and crafts I do, all suggestions on a postcard please to ........ lol.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Lazy day

Despite my best intentions, yesterday turned out to be a lazy one for me. The latest mosaic still sits ungrouted, and no angels have been cut out... but what the hell lol.

We had a bit of a drama when my daughter got up, as she couldn't log on her pc...shock horror !! She got a message on her screen saying the password had expired. A quick text was sent to my son in law who'd formatted her pc a few weeks ago, but that wasn't any help as he hadn't passworded it either !! What a dilema .... so I went to a forum I use and asked if anyone could help, and along came a knight in shinning armour by the name of Tony. Tony very helpfully sent me a link with some instructions on to sort the problem out. Now usually when I read instructions to do with pc's I fall at the first post, as I'm just not very good with them, but these were very easy to follow and surprise surprise I got the problem sorted out !! I sent Tony a heartfelt thank you message and as you do, we got talking, and us adding each other to msn...where we continued to talk, laugh, and joke the entire night away. I'm very tempted to post a photo of Tony as he's got some brilliant tattoo's, but as I wouldn't be able to see his horrified face .... I'll resist that temptation..... for now, *evil grin* lol.

My daughter is off to Bromgrove for a few days tomorrow, I've opted to stay at home this time as I've got a lot of glass work I need to get done, and I'm also hoping/expecting a letter from the council which might be good news on the permanent home front too. Hopefully if the sun thats peeking through my blind continues I'll be sitting outside doing some glass cutting :o)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Back to work

Now the excitement of my friend Sharrons visit has subsided, it's back to work again. I spent yesterday finishing off the latest mosaic mirror, so once the groutings done, I'll put a photo on here. My daughter has also been busy and has completed a 2nd creation, this one has got a clock in it , so not only is it beautiful, it's functional too. Once the mirror is completed, I need to get on and do some stained glass angels as the gallery where they are exhibited has run out, also I shall be doing some more of the colourful suncatchers too. Although I hate doing the angels as they are so small, they quickly heat up when I solder them and that results in me getting burnt many times, they are good sellers, so....

Yesterday my friend Ray sent me a couple of photo's of his shop/workshop now it's finished. The 10ft extension on his narrowboat has certainly paid off. Hopefully I'll be catching up with Ray within the next couple of weeks, to learn the art of bead making as he's is going to be close enough for me to go and visit him. Also in the photo's is Bob his little dog enjoying the spring sunshine.



Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Fantastic couple of days

I've had a fantastic couple of days, with my friend Sharron being here. We've talked about everything under the sun, and had some pretty interesting dicussions about various subjects me and my daughter are interested in, and as it turned out so was Sharron. Although Sharrons visit was mainly to see me, I think we were all surprised how well her and my daughter got on too.

I was really sad to see my friend go last night, and I know she would have liked to have stayed another day or maybe even two, and I would have liked a few more days with her as time passed in a flash, but it's her hubby Martins birthday today, so she had to go home.

Yesterday we took a trip to the local RAF base, which Sharron really enjoyed as I knew a spot where we could go and watch the jets coming into land, with the jets coming right over our heads. We were determined to get the jets in the photo's as well as us, and had some hilarious moments, because the jets come in really fast, but as you can see we managed it.

As I expected, because Sharron and I were so close in the past, it was like we'd only seen each other a couple of weeks ago, rather than 8 years ago, but that's the way it goes with true friends.







Monday, 13 April 2009

Loving this weather

I'm loving this gorgeous weather we've been having this last few days. I spent yet another day yesterday sitting in my back garden, alternating between doing some more on the mosaic mirror, reading and just sun bathing, what more could I ask.

My long lost friend Sharron arrived last night, and made it in double quick time too. We spent all last night, catching up on each others news barely pausing for breath lol !! She hasn't changed a bit looks wise, but her once broad Leicestershire accent has gone with only a slight twang of it now and then. Lovely lady that she is, she offered to take me out for a meal today, but I said if it was ok with her I'd much rather go for a drive round some of the island, something I haven't done for quite a while now, due to lack of money for petrol for my daughters car. So later on we'll be taking a tour to Porth Daffach, Treaddur Bay, Rhosneigr, Cable Bay, Aberfraw and Maltreath, my favourite places on the island. Followed by a visit to the glass gallery in Llanfairpg if it's open, to scrounge a cuppa off Mike. So hopefully some nice photo's for tomorrows blog.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Gorgeous day

What a gorgeous sunny day it's been today, the sun has been out since first thing this morning and is still out now as type this at tea time. But sadly the shadows have reached the top of my garden, so I can't sit out in it any longer.It's quite unusual for it to be this sunny for Easter weekend. Holiday makers are here in their swarms today, stripping the shelves in Tesco's of every bit of fresh vegetables, it was the same yesterday too. It almost looked like the Xmas rush in there, people with shopping trolleys piled high, with everything imaginable. Anyone would think the place was closing down for a week rather than just one day !!

I've been plodding on with my latest mirror and it's starting to take shape nicely, but it's very time consuming sticking on 100's of seed beads in between the mosaic tiles. My daughter Jenny has already started another project, this time it will be a clock in a similar style to mirror in the post below.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Proud to present

I'm proud to present my daughters latest creation tarahhhhhhhhhh. This mirror measures approx 3ft across the middle and is entirely hand crafted.
This beautiful vibrant mirror, will add the wow factor to any wall, and is for sale for £45 plus P/P.



Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sleepless In Anglesey

I had a very poor nights sleep last night, mostly due to worrying about my 2yr old grand daughter Lacey, I think. Yesterday she decided that hearing aid batteries looked very tasty and unbeknown her to mom decided to eat 3 of them !! One, I could understand but why the hell she'd carry on to eat 2 more of the dammed things is totally beyond me !! When my daughter noticied they were missing, she asked her little girl where they were, thinking I'm sure, that she'd hidden them somewhere. When Lacey pointed to her mouth and then rubbed her tummy, I'm sure my daughter was as shocked as I was when I found out !! At first I have to admit I smiled and my quirky sense of humour tempted me to text my daughter back and suggest, that she put a a light bulb in her ear to see if lit up. I resisted that idea, as I realised pretty quickly this could cause Lacey some problems if the batteries got stuck anywhere. She got admitted to hospital overnight I assume to keep an eye on her, and then was sent home today...thank goodness.

I had a really nice surprise this afternoon, my friend Mel who I stayed with in Scotland rang me. It was really good to hear her voice again, but also reminded me how much I miss her and her hubbie Andy. I'd hoped that I might be able to go up in the spring to visit them again, but that at the moment, seems as impossible as me running a 4 minute mile !! As always lack of money is at the root of everything, no matter how hard I try to save, there just isn't any left after paying bills and buying food. This living hand to mouth existence is getting very tiresome. I've done the lottery this week, as it's a double roll over tonight, how I wish I could win it, even if it wasn't the whole thing, just enough to go and visit Mel and Andy and be able to get to my sons wedding without having to worry about petrol and new clothes I'd be a very happy bunny !!

My new mirror project is coming along slowly but I'm really pleased with it. Having to wait for glue to dry before I can move on to the next bit makes it time consuming. But as my old dad used to say to me, if a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing properly !! My daughter Jennys project is also coming along well too, and she's already got a commission for a picture frame made the same way. It's all a bit hush hush at the moment, but be assured as soon as it's completed they'll be a photo on here.

Little Lacey Mae, the battery eating grand child !!


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Another new project

I started another new project yesterday. This one will take a lot more time than the clear glass mosaic mirror, as it includes loads of different designs and will have beads as well as glass in it. I think I may have made a fundemental error in the clear glass mirror, I should have sealed the holographic paper to make it waterproof BEFORE I put the glass on lol.....ooooops. This is why I have moved on to another mirror, so I can ponder whether to take off all the glass tiles and seal or risk the paper going all soggy while the grout goes off. I know what the sensible answer is...but can I be bothered !! The start of this new mirror involves using all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes of glass and beads, so at the moment my front room looks like a bombs hit it ... oh well it had been tidy for a couple weeks (quite a record for me)

Why is it the older I get the quicker my hair seems to grow ? I had to cut my hair again the day before yesterday, I'm sure I only cut it a month ago. As I cut it, I lost the last remnants of the colours I had it dyed last time ... awww I loved the pink, brown, black and purple it was this time. But at £48 a time to get it dyed, that is treat that'll have to go on the back burner for a good while now, back to boring old grey again :o(

My oldest daughter, goes for her driving test today, good luck Em. When I was chatting to her a couple of nights ago on msn, she told me her driving instructor had pointed out a basic error she had been making with her clutch control !! I was appalled, this should have been pointed out to her almost 12 months ago. I had my doubts about the competence of this instructor many months ago, when he didn't teach her how to do an emergency stop until a lesson or two, before her first test. His explanation for this was .... it wrecks his tyres !! Isn't that why they get paid £20 an hour, to cover such expenses as this ? I just know this instructor is one of those ones that drag out the lessons as long as possible, to make the most amount of money from his pupils. He's an elderly guy almost due to retire, so is no longer interested in his pass rate, unfortunately so, for his would be drivers grrrrrr.

I was reading someone else's blog the other day, and it had me roaring with laughter. I really do think that some people have missed their vocation in life, and should have been writers. This lady's views on Gregg Wallace a chef on a tv program called Master Chef is hysterical, this guys description of himself as the " Cooking Womans Crumpet " is ripped to shreds, with her colourful description of the actual reality of this guys appeal to women !! I have to say I totally agree with her, this man must be delusional to think he is the answer to a lot of womens dreams. If you fancy reading it check out the blog entry dated 30th March.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The boot is finished !!

The 2nd boot is finished now, I just need to remember where I put the lace for it and then I can get some photo's taken. Sometimes I wish I was more organised lol. I'm sure it'll turn up eventually though. The main thing is, the boot is done hooooorah !!

Once the boot was finished, I turned my attentions to a test project. I've got some mirror tiles and I wanted to use holographic paper under clear glass mosaics so that it showed through. It seems to be going ok, I just wish I had a stronger holograhic effect on the paper though. What I really need is some smashed tempered glass, this gives a truly beautiful effect, when using holographic paper under it. But at the moment I haven't got any and I'm not sure where to find any either:o(

The sun came out eventually yesterday, and I was able to go and cut the clear glass tiles out in the garden. As always with these tiny tiles, I got many small cuts on my fingers, an occupational hazard with this type of thing. I was joined by my daughter and while she started a new project, she told me of her time in Manchester. She seems to have really enjoyed herself, I'm glad to say.

It's yet another 4am start to my day, and after a few nights bad sleep on the trot, I'm starting to feel pretty weary. So I hope today will be sunny again, so I can get energised by the suns rays. Mind you these early mornings are great for catching up on overdue emails :o).

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Odd night

I had a very odd nights sleep last night, usually I go out for the count even though I don't sleep for long. But last night I kept waking up all the time, very odd ...why can't I just be normal and sleep for 7hrs lol !!

I was very dissapointed that yesterday wasn't as sunny as it was supposed to be :o( so I had to come inside and do the first coat of varnish in the house. Today I'll do the 2nd coat and that'll be the boot finished ( photo's tomorrow hopefully ) and I can move on to another project. I have to be very strict with myself and not start a new project until the first one is finished otherwise I get side tracked and nothing ever gets finished lol.

I think the painful shoulder has pretty much gone, what a relief that is. It lingered on way too long for my liking. Maybe old age is just catching up on me and I don't just bounce back from things like I used too lol :o(

I found a very interesting stained glass and mosaic forum yesterday, which I've joined. It's American based as most of these sites are, but always interesting to browse. It can be very frustrating to see how well the US caters for glass based crafts. I've noticed before how many great things are available over there, that aren't here. When the GBP was strong it was no problem and I could get things imported, but now it just works out way too expensive sadly.

My daughter Jenny arrived back from Manchester late last nite with her friend Charley. They seem to have had a great time .... but were very tired, so I expect I'll hear more from them today about their adventures, before Charley goes back to her home town of Bristol.

The sun is shinning this morning, I hope it stays out so I can go and sit in the garden when it warms up a bit :o)

Friday, 3 April 2009

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, a small taste of the summer months to come I hope. I spent all day in my little garden with my dog. I grouted the 2nd boot, and it dried enough for me to clean off the surplus grout, and then later I cleaned it off properly. In between times I read a book and sunbathed...heaven. It's amazing how much happier just one day of sunshine can make you feel, well it did me :o)

This morning I did the first coat of varnish on the boot, and am full of idea's for future projects. After having a good few weeks of being totally uninspired, this comes as a great relief and I am looking forward to start producing some more works of art.

I also put a new antivirus detector on my pc, along with a decent spyware one and a defragmenter which is supposed to do a much better job than the windows one. I've run all 3 this morning, and so far my pc hasn't frozen today. The antivirus prog is brilliant, and didn't slow down my pc hardly at all, unlike avast and avg which I've used previously. Thanks to Alan in Bangor for sending the links to those.

Thursday, 2 April 2009


Yesterday was a lovely sunny day ...most of the time. So I took my boot and beads out in the garden and sat finishing that off.With another even sunnier day on the cards today with a bit of luck I might get the grouting done too. I've got bout 3 other projects lined up I could do next, a half body torso, a wavy mirror or a full half body torso. Whichever I choose to do, will mean a few days of cutting small pieces of glass :o( I've got a bit of a yearning to do a more colour co-ordinated design next so the mirror might win.

My daughter Jenny got off to Manchester yesterday tea time, and I got a text to say she had arrived safely...phew. It will do her good to go and have some fun for a change. I can guarentee that her first words when she gets back will be, she can't wait to sleep in her own bed lol !!

I spent most of last nite on the phone with a mate from Brighton, having loads of laughs, with happy memories of when we both lived in my old home town. It was a good job he's got free phone calls as the chatting went on till late in the night, which is unusual for me as I'm usually in bed by about 10ish ish. The late night meant I woke up at a reasonable time this morning 6.30am whoooooo.

I also spent some time chatting to my friend Sharron ( no wonder I don't get much work done lol ) and she's coming to see me on the 13th and 14th of this month, I can't wait there's so much catching up to do. I hope the weathers ok, so we can get out and about a bit while she's here.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Dammed body clock

My body clock seems to be totally out of synch with the real world at the moment, and it's yet another 4am start to my day again. I was rather hoping with the clocks going forward an hour, I might start waking at a little more reasonable hour...but no my body seems to have over adjusted yet again lol.

I made myself a very tasty garlic pasta dinner yesterday, it was a little rich but still lovely. I stir fried spring onions, mushrooms, courgettes and peppers and added the pasta along with a garlic sauce, and I decided as a treat I'd risk eating a little bit of smoked sausage too. So far the meat doesn't seem to have upset my stomach, which is great as I made enough for two days dinners. Having a meat allergy can be really frustrating at times, especially when I really crave meat. But I have to admit most of the time I don't mind it and I definetly eat over and above the 5 fruit and veg a day recommended by the goverment ;o) lol.

All the bills got paid and the shopping bought yesterday... all over with for another fortnight thank god. I really do detest shopping it's the most boring thing in the world !!

My dog seemed full of the joys of spring yesterday and was bounding along the beach like a 2 yr old, instead of the rather elderly 11yr old, he really is. He even went for a dip in the sea, as the tide was pretty high yesterday. He and I are like a couple of OAP's in the mornings, struggling to get our stiff bones mobile lol.

I streaked my daughters hair yesterday and did a pretty good job too, though I say so myself. It really does need a bit of deep conditioning though, it's pretty dry and fluffy now it's had the bleach on it. Which is to be expected I think after it being dread locked for 2 yrs. My daughter was saying she might re dread it again though ...guess who'll get that job !!! lol

I see I've gained a couple of new followers this week, welcome to you both.