Sunday, 5 April 2009

The boot is finished !!

The 2nd boot is finished now, I just need to remember where I put the lace for it and then I can get some photo's taken. Sometimes I wish I was more organised lol. I'm sure it'll turn up eventually though. The main thing is, the boot is done hooooorah !!

Once the boot was finished, I turned my attentions to a test project. I've got some mirror tiles and I wanted to use holographic paper under clear glass mosaics so that it showed through. It seems to be going ok, I just wish I had a stronger holograhic effect on the paper though. What I really need is some smashed tempered glass, this gives a truly beautiful effect, when using holographic paper under it. But at the moment I haven't got any and I'm not sure where to find any either:o(

The sun came out eventually yesterday, and I was able to go and cut the clear glass tiles out in the garden. As always with these tiny tiles, I got many small cuts on my fingers, an occupational hazard with this type of thing. I was joined by my daughter and while she started a new project, she told me of her time in Manchester. She seems to have really enjoyed herself, I'm glad to say.

It's yet another 4am start to my day, and after a few nights bad sleep on the trot, I'm starting to feel pretty weary. So I hope today will be sunny again, so I can get energised by the suns rays. Mind you these early mornings are great for catching up on overdue emails :o).

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