Monday, 29 August 2011

See I kept my promise

As promised I'm trying to be more diligent on my blog now, and keeping you up to date on my quiet little life.

On the spur of the moment while I was talking to my oldest daughter online on Friday, I said it would be nice to have gone to her house for the weekend. As not only had my other daughter got a friend staying over at our house, my oldest daughter had got me a load of clothes off her friend. As new clothes ( to me ) are quite a rarity for me I was quite excited to see them, especially as I'm going to stay with at my man Jim's place on Weds, and will be meeting two of his daughters, and I want to try and make a good impression lol. Hmmm me trying to make a good impression, that's a new one for me lol !!

In the blink of an eye, my daughter said her and her husband would come and pick me up that nite whooooo. I do love doing things on impulse !! As it turned out by the time they'd come to pick me up and we'd done the return trip back down to Bromsgrove it was 3am...way past my bedtime !! But even then we had to have a bit of a chit chat, and my son in law sorted out my net book so I could chat to my fella first thing in the morning as we usually do lol. So it was 4am before we all got to sleep, I still managed to wake up at 7.30 for my early morning chat thought..not bad eh lol.

Usually when I go to visit my oldest daughter, its a whirlwind of going to visit people, but because we'd all had a late nite were shattered and we did nothing!! But two of my sons came to visit so that was nice. I'd intended to go and met my newest great grandson Tyler for the first time on the Sunday, unfortunately I was ill overnight, so that ..... plus my little grand daughter Lacey waking up screaming in the middle of the night, meant that plan went out the window and I had to spend most of the day lying on her settee drifting in and out of sleep.

All was not lost though as my grandson, brought his son over to visit me instead. It was ages since I'd seen my grandson, and as him and I have always had a special bond since I was the first one to hold him when he was born, it was huge hugs with each other first and foremost. Then I got to see Tyler .... that was a bit of a blast from the past, as my great grandson is the spit image of what his dad looked like when he was a baby too !!

I'm back home now, with lots of washing to do, and stuff to get sorted, ready to go off again on Weds. This trip up north is going to be a little adventure on it's own I think, as Jim is coming down tomorrow to go back up with me on Wednesday, on the train. We are going to take my mobility scooter with us, as my daughters current car isn't powerful enough to pull the trailer up the hills to get there. As Jim does a lot of mountain biking, he already knows that his area is a lot more scooter friendly than where I am, so I'm really looking forward to exploring the countryside where he lives, with my trusty camera along with me too. Hopefully they'll be lots of photo's for on my blog.

For now here's 3 more photo's of our mad weekend when my family came down.



Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oh my poor long neglected blog

Hands up, I am very guilty of long neglecting my blog !! This is partly due to my not really doing anything crafty since Xmas, and partly because my life seems to have been turned upside down in a way, I can honestly say I never expected it to..... a man has come into my singleton life !!

I've chosen to be single for some years now, most of the time this has been my own choice, but also because of my mobility problems, and other health issues, I felt I couldn't really expect to find anyone that would accept me, nor that I had a lot to offer really. How wrong was I !!!

By pure chance I was putting a comment on a forum I use, and it got a couple of funny remarks back from one of the members on there. Humour is something dear to my heart, I couldn't, nor would I want to be in relationship that had no humour in it, I know that's not always a factor the average person looks for, but to me it's a very important one, along with love, loyalty, trust, caring, intelligence and a huge dollop of impulsiveness !! By some amazing stroke of fortune, I seem to have found all these traits in one person ..... aren't I the lucky one :o) Whats even more amazing is that he seems to find those very same in traits in my personality, very appealing too. Neither of us was actively looking for anyone, and yet we seemed to hit it off immediately. Even the distance between us, although mildly annoying doesn't seem to be too much of a problem, with the help of web cams, voice chat and British Rail lol. The rest as they say is history, and I find myself in an extremely happy relationship.

So for those of you out there, that despair of ever finding anyone..... fear not, you just never know what's around the next corner :o)

Last weekend, I had a visit from family and friends in the Midlands for a long weekend. As always, this was a hectic time, with loads of laughs. We even managed at one point to be kicked off Porthmadog beach, we weren't doing anything really bad ... just having some fun as my mate Martin tried to tell the beach warden lol. Despite the nipping wind, almost everyone went in the sea, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The night of their arrival, unusually saw us all having a drink, my first proper drinking session in 6 yrs !! What a laugh it was too, surprisingly even though I drank almost a whole bottle of peach schnapps, I was not only still standing I was still talking sense too lol.

Anyway, I promise to try and find time to update my blog more regularly now. Here's a few photo's of some of the fun we had at Porthmadog beach before we got kicked off, and a couple of my man.