Friday, 17 April 2009

Back to work

Now the excitement of my friend Sharrons visit has subsided, it's back to work again. I spent yesterday finishing off the latest mosaic mirror, so once the groutings done, I'll put a photo on here. My daughter has also been busy and has completed a 2nd creation, this one has got a clock in it , so not only is it beautiful, it's functional too. Once the mirror is completed, I need to get on and do some stained glass angels as the gallery where they are exhibited has run out, also I shall be doing some more of the colourful suncatchers too. Although I hate doing the angels as they are so small, they quickly heat up when I solder them and that results in me getting burnt many times, they are good sellers, so....

Yesterday my friend Ray sent me a couple of photo's of his shop/workshop now it's finished. The 10ft extension on his narrowboat has certainly paid off. Hopefully I'll be catching up with Ray within the next couple of weeks, to learn the art of bead making as he's is going to be close enough for me to go and visit him. Also in the photo's is Bob his little dog enjoying the spring sunshine.



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