Tuesday, 30 November 2010

An update at last !!

I bet you all thought I'd forgotten all about my little old blog ......no way !! I've just been really busy working on my latest mosaic. It's taken me 5 weeks to create this little beauty and my first go at doing one that's not an abstract, and I have to say I'm quite pleased with it. It measures 20" x 15".and is for Redskin Tattoo in Bangor.

Towards the end when it really started to take shape it became almost like a drug, I just couldn't stop doing it. I even worked on it for 12 hours a few times too. I made a bit of a rod for my own back, as to get the effect I wanted I had to cut the 1" mirror tiles into 25 pieces, which was very time consuming as you can imagine. Even the 1 cm grey and irridised tiles I cut into 9 pieces each. I also decided to paint the background with a matt black enamel paint, rather than do the whole panel with glass. This was to enhance the effect of the shiny mirror tiles, and it worked, I'm pleased to say. I think I may use this technique in other mosaics I do, as it was so successful.

I've also got a commission for 3 stained glass sun catchers 2 crosses and a pentagram, and an oil painting to do too. The sun catchers are almost complete and then I'll move on to the painting which is half done. So I will probably have to go quiet again as these need finishing before Christmas.

Here's a photo of the mosaic just finished, hope you like it.