Monday, 27 April 2009

Ramblings from an artist on Anglesey

Trying Something New

For  a change I thought I’d try writing my blog using Windows Live, not sure why seeing as I’m quite happy with doing it on the actual blog lol, but this way has a few little extra’s. For example I can tilt my photo’s or add more photo’s in row, watermark my photo’s, add a hyperlink very easily etc etc.

I spent yesterday in the garden cutting out even more stained glass, I thought I’d do a few different ones, so I’ve cut out a few ladybird sun catchers and also 2 or 3 pentagrams too. The pentagrams were surprisingly difficult as there’s so many straight lines. Yes straight lines are harder to cut than any others….. Then last night I started the job I hate the most soldering, when soldering small things the glass heats up very quickly and I get constant burns on my fingers. But it needs to be done, as I thought I might as well drop some of the angels off at the gallery on the way to my hospital appointment on Weds, all in the name of saving petrol of course !!

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