Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Is it really .....

Is it really so long since I updated my blog, oh dear. How time flies when you're busy and when you're laid up with a particularly bad dose of sciatica.

Where to start, well this cold weather meant we had to spend more and more time collecting wood for the fire. At one point since I wrote last, Jim got a really bad bout of flu, and not man flu lol, the real mc coy. It laid him up for about 3 weeks, and left him weak as a kitten. Even now a couple of months later, he still hasn't got back to how he was before he had it. The flu of course meant that we couldn't go collecting wood, and we slowly ran out, and were down to our last few bits for a fire, when my son Billie came up from Stockport with his girlfriend to help us out. They managed to get us a couple of weeks worth of firewood, which saw us through till Jim was on the mend.

I've slowly but surely been gathering together the stuff together to do my latest craft idea. I'm intending to do some altered canvases. Lack of money has made it a long drawn out affair, along with lack of motivation I have to admit.But I'm almost there, and hopefully within a couple of weeks I'll have something to show you at long last.

I've also been suffering since I last wrote, arthritis of course kicked in during this prolonged bitterly cold spell. Then for the last week or so , I've had a really really painful bout of sciatica, which has left me laid up on the settee for days on end, being able to do nothing but watch catch up tv online. As we chose not to have a tv, I have to say the boredom of watching tv  soon kicked in. I can't believe how much rubbish is tv these days lol, luckily there was quite a lot of documentaries which kept me occupied for a while, and then it was film fest, I think I must have watched most of the films on Demand Five and BBC i player. I even had to resort to looking for films on youtube, things got so desperate at one point lol. Never have I been so pleased that I live with a guy that can take over any jobs that I do usually in the house, without moaning or whinging, and just gets on with things. This morning however I've woken up and I seem ( so far ) to be in no pain, whoooooopeee.

My oldest daughter was due to come down over Easter with her hubby and youngest daughter, but that was obviously not meant to be. First of all my daughter got a bad cold and achy bones, then once she recovered, their daughter got chicken pox, and is still coming out in spots. I was disappointed, as was Jim as he really enjoys playing with my grand daughter when she comes down. But as I was in pain with sciatica, maybe its just as well things turned out as they did.

Anyway here's a few of the many photo's I've taken since I wrote last. These photo's were taken as part of a theme on a forum I use a lot. The theme was a day in the life of a hippy lol. Hmmm for some reason the photo's don't seem to be showing, I'll leave it for a while and see what happens.

On our way through the local churchyard to get wood.

 photo DSCF1318.jpg

 A particularly pretty example of some bracken fungi.

 photo DSCF1329.jpg

 A couple of pretty sticks for my daughter Jenny to carve.
 photo DSCF1332.jpg

The bike trailer loaded up with wood.
 photo DSCF1334.jpg

The end result lol
 photo DSCF1343.jpg