Saturday, 25 April 2009

Not a lot to report

Well as this week has been a frenzy of cutting and foiling glass, my posts are low on the ground. BUT for the want of something better to do at 5am in the morning, I've worked out that I've cut and foiled 192 pieces of glass, foiled 30 nuggets and have cut a further 40 pieces of glass for different shaped suncatchers. No wonder my hands are a mass of tiny cuts and pretty sore.

My daughter came back from Bromsgrove on Thursday, and a very welcome sight she was too. I missed her more than usual this time, for some reason. I was also desperately in need of some pop and marg, as I'd run out of both while she was away. lol.

The beautiful sunny weather came to a sudden halt a couple of days ago, and we're back to typical spring showers boooooooo lol.

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