Monday, 13 April 2009

Loving this weather

I'm loving this gorgeous weather we've been having this last few days. I spent yet another day yesterday sitting in my back garden, alternating between doing some more on the mosaic mirror, reading and just sun bathing, what more could I ask.

My long lost friend Sharron arrived last night, and made it in double quick time too. We spent all last night, catching up on each others news barely pausing for breath lol !! She hasn't changed a bit looks wise, but her once broad Leicestershire accent has gone with only a slight twang of it now and then. Lovely lady that she is, she offered to take me out for a meal today, but I said if it was ok with her I'd much rather go for a drive round some of the island, something I haven't done for quite a while now, due to lack of money for petrol for my daughters car. So later on we'll be taking a tour to Porth Daffach, Treaddur Bay, Rhosneigr, Cable Bay, Aberfraw and Maltreath, my favourite places on the island. Followed by a visit to the glass gallery in Llanfairpg if it's open, to scrounge a cuppa off Mike. So hopefully some nice photo's for tomorrows blog.

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