Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Busy busy busy

For the last two days I've really knuckled down, and got on with finishing copper foiling the stained glass angels and also have started cutting out the glass for making some colourful suncatchers which were very popular last time I did them. I now have 30 of the little angels ready to solder and 9 suncatchers ready to copper foil, so far.

Yesterday morning I went downstairs to my art room where all my glass etc is stored to look for a particular thing I needed. I started to tidy up the said room and came across something I'd forgotten about, I also found some dichcroic pendants I'd mislaid too, along with some much needed solder. Carrying on my search I realised that I'd completely forgotten what it was I was looking for originally, and still can't remember now 24 hrs later annoying !!!

I am following with interest Gordon Browns plans to overhaul mp's expenses. This is long overdue to my mind. I find it disgusting when almost every normal person is having to tighten their belts due to the recession, and people on benefits, are now living well below the breadline with the cost of food and utility bills constantly rising, these mp's have been allowed ridiculous amounts of money to furnish their 2nd homes, which supposedly allow them to represent us in parliment, and also studidly high day to day expenses. I've put a photo of the current allowances for furnishing a 2nd home, the prices of most of the items allowed is ridiculously high, whoever decided these allowances has obviously never heard of Argos !!!

My time in the garden yesterday, was drastically reduced due to my search in the art room. But when I did get out there, despite all the weather forcasts saying it wouldn't be sunny , it was very sunny although whispy clouds occasionally slide across the sun. Today there is a heavy fog outside hopefully the wrmth of the sun with quickly burn this away.


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