Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Sleepless In Anglesey

I had a very poor nights sleep last night, mostly due to worrying about my 2yr old grand daughter Lacey, I think. Yesterday she decided that hearing aid batteries looked very tasty and unbeknown her to mom decided to eat 3 of them !! One, I could understand but why the hell she'd carry on to eat 2 more of the dammed things is totally beyond me !! When my daughter noticied they were missing, she asked her little girl where they were, thinking I'm sure, that she'd hidden them somewhere. When Lacey pointed to her mouth and then rubbed her tummy, I'm sure my daughter was as shocked as I was when I found out !! At first I have to admit I smiled and my quirky sense of humour tempted me to text my daughter back and suggest, that she put a a light bulb in her ear to see if lit up. I resisted that idea, as I realised pretty quickly this could cause Lacey some problems if the batteries got stuck anywhere. She got admitted to hospital overnight I assume to keep an eye on her, and then was sent home today...thank goodness.

I had a really nice surprise this afternoon, my friend Mel who I stayed with in Scotland rang me. It was really good to hear her voice again, but also reminded me how much I miss her and her hubbie Andy. I'd hoped that I might be able to go up in the spring to visit them again, but that at the moment, seems as impossible as me running a 4 minute mile !! As always lack of money is at the root of everything, no matter how hard I try to save, there just isn't any left after paying bills and buying food. This living hand to mouth existence is getting very tiresome. I've done the lottery this week, as it's a double roll over tonight, how I wish I could win it, even if it wasn't the whole thing, just enough to go and visit Mel and Andy and be able to get to my sons wedding without having to worry about petrol and new clothes I'd be a very happy bunny !!

My new mirror project is coming along slowly but I'm really pleased with it. Having to wait for glue to dry before I can move on to the next bit makes it time consuming. But as my old dad used to say to me, if a jobs worth doing, it's worth doing properly !! My daughter Jennys project is also coming along well too, and she's already got a commission for a picture frame made the same way. It's all a bit hush hush at the moment, but be assured as soon as it's completed they'll be a photo on here.

Little Lacey Mae, the battery eating grand child !!


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