Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A lovely surprise

After doing 2 weeks shopping in a record 1 1/4hrs record time yesterday at 3 different supermarkets, my daughter was really keen to take me to show me a new beach her friends had shown here. At first I wasn’t so keen as my back was already pretty painful from going shopping, but my daughter was very persistent. I’m really glad she was, as it was gorgeous beach with a beautiful old bluebell wood on the right as you walk down to it. It’s a beautiful sandy beach with some tree’s behind it. The tide was in and so my dog couldn’t resist going for a paddle, followed very quickly after, by a roll in the sand lol, he looked so funny. But he didn’t need much encouragement to go back in for another dip to get rid of the sand. If dogs can smile, I’m pretty sure my dog was smiling at me while he stood in the sea looking as though he wanted me to go and play with him. If we’d have had more time I probably would have done. I’d have also liked to explore the wood with my proper camera too. I’ll be interested to see how busy this beach gets in the summer as it’s so tucked away, I can’t see the average tourist finding it to be honest… hope so anyway.It’s a perfect place to take my little grand daughter in the summer I can’t wait !! I’ve put some photo’s but I had to use my camera phone, so sorry if the quality isn’t as good as usual.

I finished off the stained glass angels yesterday, with a good clean and their little hanging loops attached. I’m really pleased there done now, so I can move on to the sun catchers. I’m keen to see how the 2 new designs of a ladybird and a pentagram, I’ve done turn out.




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