Thursday, 28 May 2009

Latest suncatcher creations

The long ago promised batch of suncatchers :o)I have a paypal account for safe and secure purchases.

A stained glass two tone red pentagram, this measures 6" across and is £15 inc P/P

A stained glass two tone blue pentagram, this measures 6" across and is £15 inc P/P

A stained glass rainbow coloured leaf, this measures 6.5" long and is £15 inc P/P

A stained glass rainbow coloured twirl, measuring 4.5" across and is £10 inc P/P

Two stained glass ladybirds these measure 5.5" across widest part and are £12 inc P/P



And finally a host of angels these measure 2.75" tall and are £8 each inc P/P


Busy busy busy

Tuesday morning heralded the arrival of a very large parcel, for a moment my daughter and I couldn't begin to think what was in it. Then it dawned on us, it was the guitar from Ireland from John who had commissioned me to mosaic it, how exciting !! So most of the day yesterday I was working out a design for it. In my excitement however I forgot to include the position of the bridge in it, ...what a wally lol. So a mornings work was wasted, that'll teach me eh. So I worked late into the night doing a new design, this will be slightly different to most of the mosaics I've done before, as I intend to use different shaped pieces of glass on it, as well as my trademark of teeny tiny pieces of glass. John has left it entirely to me what design I did on it, his only request was that it didn't have anything celtic on it. At first I thought great, I can do whatever I like on it...then after pondering what design to do, I realised that maybe it might have been easier if he'd have given me a few guidelines as what he likes. After thinking about flowers, or fairies or other mystical beasties, I decided on an abstract design, as this might be more pleasing to the eye.

I also still need to photograph my latest stained glass creations too, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day lately despite me waking up long before the world wakes.

My bronchitis, although better than it was, certainly isn't cleared up by a long way. With only one days antibiotics left, I'm beginning to think the doctor was right about me making another appointment to see him. My cough is still there, my nose is still producing vast amounts of what can only be called gunky stuff, and my chest is wheezing and crackling really badly at times. My usual inhalers are barely having any effect on my breathing, especially now there's been some warmer weather which always aggravates my asthma anyway. So I shall be trotting off to see Dr Nagaraj on Tuesday morning after all.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Another 3am start !!!

For the 2nd morning running I've woke up at 3am !! It makes for a really long day, but never mind. On the plus side, I got to have a chat with my friend who took me out for the day not long ago, as he'd woke up at 3 am too lol.

The sun was in the garden by 7 am so I had my breakfast out there, and then stayed put reading till the afternoon, dozing off a couple of times too in the hot sun lol. The afternoon was broke up by a visit from our friend Bryn, who we haven't seen for while, so there was lots of catching up to do. Later a trip to the beach to take the dog for a walk, only to see the air sea rescue helicopter hovering over the bay, soon to be joined by the Holyhead lifeboat dingy. A pair of tourists had gone out on a one man dingy with no oars to go fishing !! How stupid can you get. Luckily there wasn't much of a breeze or the outcome might not have been so successful. It annoys me intensely that these rescue organisations have to waste valuable resources, on such thoughtless people.

I heard from Mel my traveller friend in Scotland yesterday, her and her husband Andy have moved on to a new park up, and this one has got a much better mobile signal, so we'll be able to stay in touch easier now, which is great !! There's even a signal for the tv too, which I know will please Mel. I had hoped that I'd have been able to go back up to the Highlands to visit them again by now, but lack of funds have stopped that little idea :o(

Monday, 25 May 2009

Happy and Positive :o)

I woke up yesterday morning feeling happy and positive, I love it when that happens. It's usually at times like this, that I get something I can only describe as a fizzing bubble in my stomach. I've had this many many times in the past and it's usually because something good is on the horizon.

A rare trip to the car boot was the start to my day yesterday, as there's always the chance of finding some lovely treasure at these places, I thought the bubble might be because of that. As I'd hoped, because it was bank holiday and sunny too, there was good turn out of booters. We wandered up and down the aisles, peering in boxes, routing through piles of stuff. I was particularly looking for things to mosaic, and my first find was half sized guitar, then further on an even smaller guitar, if I'd have got nothing else I would have been happy with those. But as we carried on our merry way I found a pretty little wooden box also to receive the mosaic treatment and two nice thick books to read at some point.

I was busy looking at one stall and my daughter called to me to come and look at something, she looked quite excited so I knew she spotted something good. It was a lovely triangular set of drawers, I've seen these before at car boots and they're usually well out of my price range. But luck was on our side and after a bit of haggling which I love doing, we got it for £10... a real bargain !! As there was quite a few ethnic looking things I lingered there for a while, and got chatting to the lady who's stall it was, after while I looked at her and said, " You seem like someone we should know " lol. This might seem like an odd thing to say to a complete stranger, but my daughter and I both believe that certain people come into our lives for a reason, and I got this feeling so strongly from this lady I just had to say it. She obviously knew exactly what I meant because she never batted an eyelid, and we carried on chatting, she's into meditation, sensory perception development, drumming and shamanic (being in tune with the earth) all of which interests me and my daughter. I saw a book which I passed to my daughter to look at, it was a book on developing sp, this lady looked at my daughter and asked if she saw visions, my daughter replied no .... the lady looked directly at her and said with complete certainty "You will". I think this lady has still got more to tell us, as she gave me her mobile number, which is something you rarely do with a complete stranger too.

The second thing on the agenda for yesterday was for me to redread my daughters hair. She'd had dreadlocks for 2 yrs up until recently, but then on a whim she decided she wanted to get rid of them, so she spent almost whole week combing them out, this is no easy task trust me. One of the reasons that she decided to get rid of them was because she felt that people were seeing her dreads as part of her personality, which she wasn't happy about. Now two weeks later she's realised that they are part of her personality lol. But at least it gave me chance to cut 6" off her hair, which will make the dreads much shorter and lot less heavy which was bothering her quite a lot as the dreads were half way down her back. They took quite a long time to do, but as it was still sunny at least were able to sit and enjoy the sun while I did it. This time we're going to keep a photo record of how they develop...sadly I've been told I'm not allowed to show the progress of them lol.

A bit of a long blog today I'm afraid, if you've made it to the end of my ramblings today well done !!!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

I think I'm on the mend !!

As I suspected I got bronchitus, which has laid me low since my last post on here. A quick visit to the doctors got me some antibiotics, to try and get of the dreaded lergy. So far they dont seem to have done an awful lot of good, the coughs got worse, I can hear hardly anything, and my chest is crackling and wheezing like an old steam train. But on the up side, my head has stopped feeling woozy, what an odd sensation that was, a bit like being drunk without the alcohol ...and the hang over thank god lol.

As my daughter was feeling bored, and I'd been given instructions how to get that lovely blurred effect from waterfalls by a friend on a forum .... thanks Jeff, it was off up to the mountains. We decided that instead of our usual route, we'd just go up any old little side road that took our fancy. I'm so glad we did, we saw some beautiful scenery and at one point was almost at the top of a small mountain, it felt like we were on the top of the world. We also saw Llanberis from the opposite side of the lake too and even managed to spot our friends yurts way off in the distance. On our way home some chips were on the menu and as we were going to the chippy we spotted a little hippy shop where I bought some Nag Champa joss sticks, my favourites, we also spotted a lovely little gallery Elfen-celt (Art Elements) that was newly opened. We saw some glass work by an artist we knew, and also some woodwork by our friend that lives in the yurts up on Snowdonia. After chatting to the lady in there for a while she showed some interest in our glass work etc, so who knows we may be exhibiting some of our work there, some time in the future.

Sadly our petrol was getting very low and we had to miss going to see a couple of waterfalls I knew about ...but never mind there's always another day.

Some photo's from todays trip out.

An unusual cloud formation we saw as we drove of the island.


Looking over to Llanberis.



I couldn't resist taking a photo of this place, what a great name for a B/B lol.


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Feeling yuk !!!

My posts on here might be a bit hit and miss for a short while, because I'm feeling decidedly under the weather.

I think I'm on the verge of getting bronchitus, which was once a regular occurence, but I've been ok for the last 2 yrs, I wonder if this coinsides with me being vegetarian for most of the last 2 yrs ....hmmmm. I think I may have caught it off my grand daughter Lacey on our visit to see them. I've eaten tons of garlic and onions since I came home in hopes of boosting my immune system to get rid of this bad chest before it takes a hold of me. Last time I got it, I ended up in hospital a few times on a nebuliser as I kept passing out, from lack of oxygen while having coughing fits.

Anyway ...I'll be back as soon as possible, with photo's of all the new things I've been making.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Jesus..... what a night !!!

It's a very tired and weary blogger writing this today. Last night must be one of the worst nights sleep I've had in a very long long time, and for someone that survives on approx 5 hrs sleep on a regular basis, I think that gives you some idea how bad it was.

After eventually dropping off to sleep last night around 12ish, I got woke up by my oldest grand daughter and her mate coming in from camping in the garden overnight, to use the loo. I managed to drift off again, only to be woken again by my youngest grand daughter Lacey Mae wailing her head off for hours ...or that's what it seemed like. My son in law eventually managed to get her settled, that left me wide awake for hours by that time. I eventually drifted into a half sleep only to be woken again by Lacey's crying. Yet again my son in law managed to get her settled and then I got what seemed to be a few minutes sleep before Lacey woke again grrrrrr. This was her waking up for the day so no chance of any more sleep.

As my daughter and son in law couldn't get any more sleep, it seems that making as much noise as possible was the order of the day !! My oldest daughter is deaf, so she has no concept of how loud she's talking anyway, and trust me it's always pretty loud lol. So when my son in law decided to launch himself at her in bed, the noise level got to something akin to a jumbo jet taking off ...with high pitched shrieks and cackling laughter included. My younger daughter was then forced to drag herself out of bed at this point as she couldn't stand the noise any longer either.

At various times the noise upstairs has gone quiet, so just to be nice , we've been shouting upstairs to make sure they get no sleep either and I've even got a couple of saucepans and banged them together really loudly just make sure they can't get to sleep lol.

As I'm typing this ...... me, my daughter and the oldest daughter are hatching a plan to get back at my son in law who has obviously ate too many E numbers and is hyperactive. So far salt in his tea and wrapping masking tape round his works van doors seems to be a popular idea !!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Different day, different place.

Yesterdays walk never happened because my daughter spontaniously decided that we were going to visit her older sister in Bromsgrove, so here I am. Shortly after we arrived I went to check on my main email address and sign on msn messenger, only to find for the life of me I couldn't remember the passwords !! I tried every combination I could think of but couldn't get on either. After getting extremely het up because they kept wanting to send me a reset your password to the email adresses I couldn't log onto...I eventually managed to answer some security questions correctly ( god knows how I managed that one !! )

the drive here seemed to pass quite quickly and I managed to pass the time by warbling away to an old cd I'd found and took with me .... no wonder it's tipping down with rain today lol.

We're off to met up with a couple of my sons today, one has got a warehouse, which at the moment has got loads of arts and crafts stuff that he's selling on Ebay. So I'm looking forward to having a good old ferret around, hopefully I might be able to get a few bits and bobs off him cheaply ..or maybe even free if he's in a good mood lol.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Grrrrrrrr @ the council

As I suspected the visit from the council yesterday, was yet another ruse for them to get out of sorting out the damp problem in my kitchen. They put the problem down to poor ventilation in there, and even had a leaflet ready in hand on how to help prevent damp, to give me as they walked through the door. All the issues in the leaflet were to do with poor ventilation !! They seemed to ignore the fact that I told them the dampness definetly got worse after a spell of prolonged rain, despite me telling them this at least 2 or 3 times ...*sigh*

As a result of this visit I emailed the lady at Shelter that is dealing with this problem for me, to update her with the results. She replied very quickly to say that as the council had not dealt with the pre-action disrepair protocol/Environmental protection Act letter satisfactorily, the issue had already been passed on to one of their solicitors.

Although I was expecting this outcome, it still sent me into a bit of a grump all day and I've woken up this morning still in a grump !!

I didn't go out for a walk yesterday, I was tired and still in a fair amount of pain from the last couple of days. But weather permitting I shall be going out today for one.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Early start

An early start was in order yesterday, as my daughter and I had decided to go to the Tuesday car boot for a change. We might as well have not bothered, it was rubbish literally. I only managed to get two things, one was one of those mini fridges and the other a small occasional table which had a glass inset on the top, which I thought might look nice mosaiced. From the car boot it was off to do the fortnightly shop .... which both my daughter and myself find incredibily boring, but is one of life's necessities.

By the time this was all done and put away, I was not only shattered but in quite a lot of pain and was very stiff from overdoing it the day before I think. So I wasn't really looking forward to going on a walk, in fact I doubted that I'd even manage to walk anywhere. But when we got to Penrhos beach, my resolve kicked in with a little help from the dog looking longingly at me through the car window. So off I went, I headed down to the sea so that dog could have a paddle if he wanted and then set off across the beach. Although the sun was blazing down, the wind was howling across the beach straight into my face. Much to my surprise I managed to walk from one end to the other, and only having a 2 min fag break I walked back again. Considering that a few days ago I only managed to walk halfway along this beach I was pretty chuffed with myself.

When we got home I had a phone call off the homeless guy from the council, he wants to bring yet another inspector round to look at the damp in my kitchen. This is the 4th time the damp has been inspected !! I suspect that this time it's due to the fact that Shelter has issued the council with a Public Nuisance order with regards to this problem, and the 21 days they had to do something about it is up. One things for sure is that this dampness is affected by the amount of rainfall we have, and as there hasn't been an awful lot of continuous rain fall lately, I'm sure they'll try and worm their way out of having to do anything. I fully intend to make both of them stick their noses in my supposed food cupboards from which an overwhelming smell of damp comes from, the smell is that bad I have to store my food in a different room. I've also got a particular dislike to the homeless guy that's coming around today, compared to the other one I've had dealings with, I find this one rude, arrogant and very condescending, not the right attitude at all for someone dealing with people who have lost their homes. BUT ...I'm ready to do battle with him, if I have to today !!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Small step for mankind, a huge step for me !!

Well yesterday morning found me on a quest to get into the town centre on my own. This might not seem much to most people, but for me it was a huge step towards gaining back a little bit of independence again. The furthest I've been on my own since we moved here 15 months ago has been a visit to my doctors surgery, which is about 10 mins away from my home. This latest quest of mine involved a walk which took me about an hour, including rests on the way. It was sods law that the route I worked in my head, turned out to be the longest possible way I could get to where I wanted to get to. When I got less than halfway, I realised that I'd stupidly forgotten my mobile, which meant that if I did get stuck and not able to get any further I wouldn't be able to get hold of my daughter to come and rescue me. That sent me into a bit of panic, but I knew if I went home to get it, I probably wouldn't get to where I wanted to go, so I soldiered on. Then when I got to the journeys end I found I was in the wrong flipping place grrrrrr, but I was able to get something else sorted out which was on my list of things to do, so it wasn't a totally wasted trip. I got back home going the right route and it took much less time.

When I got home I was shattered, but proud of myself. After chatting to my daughter for a while when I got home, she suggested we go off to a beach for another walk !!! I have to admit I doubted my chances of getting very far on this 2nd walk, but I was game anyway. We headed for the new beach we found the other day, but noticied a footpath veering off, so we decided to see where it led. This path led to another beach, much smaller than the one we were heading to, and even more secluded, so we were pretty chuffed about that. I even managed to scramble down some dodgy steps to get it ...albeit by sitting down and edging my way down lol. We were very surprised to find this beach was smoothered in shells of all kinds, shells on Angelsey beaches are pretty few and far between on most of them. We stayed there for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine and trying to ignore the chilly wind that was blsting in our faces. The dog loved it there, the whole time we were there he was scrambling over rocks to find old crab shells to eat and paddling in the sea.

Once finished there we headed back to the car and decided to back to the Breakwater park to get a map of the walks there for another day. All in all it was a great day, and even though by night time I'd seized up completely and was in agony, it was well worth it.

My dog enjoying one of many paddles in the sea.


A beautiful photo my daughter took, it reminded me of some exotic foreign place rather than a little beach on Anglesey lol.


A photo of me that I actually like, which is very rare.


Monday, 11 May 2009

What a great walk

Yesterday was one of those days when every piece of glass I tried to cut either cracked or splintered. These days don't happen often but when they do, I just down tools as I know the pattern usually carries on all day.

My walk yesterday was done at Holyhead Breakwater park. Although I've been there a few times I've never actually walked round the park bit, I've always just stayed at the pond part. But today was different so myself, my daughter and our old faithful dog went walking round the park itself. It was great, because I'd taken my camera with me I was constantly looking for interesting things to photograph, which was good because it took my mind off walking lol. We found loads of nice things to photograph, I say we, because my daughter enjoys taking photo's too. The dog loved the walk too although he had problems with the funny kind of gates they had there. There was a few nice wood carvings which I wasn't expecting to come across too, my favourite being a bench that was carved like a shell. Next time we go up there I'm going to go in the tourist place where you can get little maps of walks there.

Here's a few of the photo's that were taken.

A lovely heart shaped fern frond.


A bee caught lurking in the undergrowth.


A pretty looking weed we found


A gorgeous dandelion clock, ripe for spreading its seeds


Another odd looking weed.


Sunday, 10 May 2009

Where's this week gone ?

It only feels like I wrote in my blog yesterday, but I see it was in fact 3 days ago....where's the week gone ?

I decided a couple of days ago, that I would try and improve how far I can walk. I've been encouraged to try and do this by my doctor, a physiotherapist and my own daughter, but finding the motivation can be very hard especially when you know that if you push yourself you're going to end up in more pain than usual. But after my day out it made me realise what I might have missed by not pushing myself, and that would have been a shame, even though I was in quite a lot of pain that day and the next. But by showing me somewhere he'd like to take me, my friend has given me that final push I needed, as this particular place has got a bit of a walk to get to it, and he doesn't want to take me there unless he's sure I'll be able to manage it. SOOOO..... the quest to get more mobile has started.

I made a couple of square suncatchers this last week.... how difficult are they to get properly square !! A once 4" square ended up 3" square before I was satisfied it almost perfect lol. So I shan't be doing many of those I don't think. Instead yesterday I cut out a few more ladybird suncatchers, as they look really pretty with their little wire legs. I also realised yesterday that I'm running short of dark blue stained glass, so when I go to my daughters next I think a trip to my glass supplier in Leamington is going to be the order of the day.

Today my walk is going to be across a bit of the Breakwater Park if the weather stops dry, if it doesn't then it'll be Penrhos beach. When we go to Penrhos usually we park at the top to look over the sea while my dog goes for a wander. Yesterday it was quite busy there, so we had to park in the car park, which obviously confused my old dog totally, as when someone started up their car he went and jumped in their car by mistake !!! My daughter went to retrieve our dog and said sternly to him " What have I told you about getting in cars with strangers !!"

A few more photo's from my day out

A longer shot of the waterfall

Some pretty ferns just about ready to uncurl

My favourite things to take photo's of fungi

Thursday, 7 May 2009

What a fantastic day

Well I've just had a fantastic day. A good friend of mine took me out and we visited some stunning places, the thing I like best about this friend, is that he knows all the out of the way places that hardly anyone else knows about. Even the weather changed from being dull, grey and wet all week to being sunny all day.

The day started at 10ish and we went off towards Porthmadog, to a cafe we'd been to a good few times in the past, I'd been given strict instructions not to have any breakfast so I was starving lol, and it filled the spot perfectly. From there we went round winding roads, passing by stunning scenery and as I was told to shout up when I saw anything I wanted to take photo's of, I needed no more encouragement so there was lots of stopping and starting lol. We passed through somewhere we'd been previously and camped out for the night a good few years ago, I was sad to see that the forest close by it had been chopped down, and unlike most of the forests we passed through there was no sign of it being replanted either, such a shame.

After passing my friends ideal house, and I can see why it was that.... oh to win the lottery lol. We headed off to see a waterfall he wanted to show me. Even though he was hoping it would have more water rushing down it, I was quite happy with it. I love waterfalls, along with mountains and the sea they're my favourite things. The sun hardly ever gets to the side that the waterfall was on so everywhere was covered in a thick rich green moss, which only added to the magic of the waterfall. After this it was off to a picnic area he'd chosen for us to have our dinner. Although this place had been made more attractive for tourists by adding picnic tables and signs for woodland walks, there was only us there and we got to enjoy our sandwiches by a babbling trout stream listening to the birds tweeting away in the background.

Then it was off to visit a folly near the village of Portmerion, I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to actually get to the folly itself as it was up a smallish but steep hill. But where there's a will there's way and I managed it with a hand from my friend, but I did have to stop a few times lol. On the way up we walked through a beautiful bluebell wood, and saw the biggest rhododendron bush I've ever seen, it was in full bloom, a deep fushia pink and was absolutely gorgeous. By the time we got to the folly my legs were shaking like a leaf lol. So I had to sit out climbing up it to see the view, but even from where I was sitting they were amazing. All too soon it was time to make our way back down again, and as luck would have it we saw not one, but two lesser spotted woodpeckers, if only I'd have had a camera with a good zoom lens. I was very relieved that we didn't have to go down the slippy hill we'd climbed up as I'm sure I'd have ended up on my back !! Once back to the car we set off towards home, as we went the long way way round we passed through Cricketh and stopped for a welcome cuppa and sat overlooking the sea while we drank it. All too soon it was back on the road and we were heading back to Anglesey, I really didn't want the day to come to an end, I'd enjoyed it so much. But even then, my friend managed to surprise me at the last minute, and it became the perfect end to a perfect day ;o)

The babbling stream where we stopped for our dinner.


One of the photo's the stunning waterfall.


The folly near Portmerion.


Monday, 4 May 2009

Waking up happy

It's amazing what a difference one day out can make, I woke up this morning after having my first decent nights sleep in ages, still feeling happy from our day out yesterday. I used to take going out for the day, for granted until my mobility got as bad as it is now, I hope anyone reading this never makes the same mistake as me, get out there and enjoy yourselves and make the most of life.

As it's a bank holiday I decided that I wouldn't push myself to do any stained glass. If later I get bored I may do some, but in the meantime I'd have a pleasant day curled up on the settee reading a book I started yesterday after having a long soak in the bath ...heaven. I must also make some rock cakes, as promised to my daughter for the last two days lol.

Some more photo's from the day out yesterday.




Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lovely day out

Having decided to have a break from any stained glass today, I was sat in the garden with my daughter. Just as I was thinking to myself how much I'd like to go out for a drive, Jenny asked me if I fancied going out for the day ...hows that for reading my mind ??

We decided that Black Rock sands in Portmadog would make a nice day out, as you can drive on to the actual beach and take dogs too, so off we went the sun blazing through the car window. After an hour we arrived on the beach, and my daughter jumped out and told me to drive for a change. First of all I almost got the car stuck on the fine dry sand !! Then for extra measure once I'd manouvred off that safely, I only went and got the car stuck on soft wet sand !! Despite both of us trying to get off it, the car stayed firmly stuck and I couldn't help but notice the tide was coming in pretty dammed quickly !! We got carpet squares out of the boot and put those under the back wheels no good, then under the front wheels no good again. Then two helpful guys tried to help us by pushing the car out, that was no good either as the car had sunk almost up to the sills of the car. Luckily then the beach wardens arrived too, it took all 4 of them to get the car out of the sand !! How annoying that I hadn't thought to get the camera out of the car and photograph the whole thing dohhhhh lol !!

After that, I told my daughter to drive instead lol. We drove up to the other end of the beach and bought a cuppa, before we settled to watch a guy launching himself in the air using his wind surfing kite, and watching all the water sports going on. Then later, we drove close to the sea and I got out and joined the dog in the sea for a paddle, the water was surprisingly warm considering how early in the year it is. Two or three hours later we left the beach and drove back through the mountains via Beddgelert, where the illustrator Alfred Edmeades Bestall, of the famous Rubert Bear books used to live. The scenery there is breath taking, I wish it hadn't been Bank Holiday as there was lots of lovely little waterfalls I'd have loved to have taken photo's of, but I couldn't. Nevertheless, we had a great day out finished off with a portion of chips with curry sauce from a local chippy on out way back up the island.




Friday, 1 May 2009

A very interesting day

I had an email from Mike at the gallery yesterday, saying he'd had a guy from Ireland in, showing a lot of interest in the remaining mosaic guitar. This guy was interested in me doing some instruments with more of a celtic feel for him as he owns a guitar shop, and that he'd passed on my details to him. Within minutes of me getting the email, I had a text off the guy in person and he's going to ring me today. Hopefully this may bring in a commission.

I'm feeling very tired this morning, I got up at 5 am yesterday and worked pretty much solidly all day till 11pm on various stained glass things, apart from a chat on msn with a friend, taking the dog out for a walk, and cooking my dinner. I decided to patina 3 of the 6 rainbow coloured twirly sun catchers for a differet effect and to see if they sold better than the silver soldered ones. When you patina silver solder it turns the solder black, this is then polished up with grate polish to bring it to shine, very messy and time consuming but effective. I've also started doing 5 ladybird sun catchers these are something completely new to me and may appeal to people with children. I've got one more ladybird to copper foil and then it'll be soldering later today. I must remember to take photo's of the twirly sun catchers and ladybirds before I take them to the gallery. I still haven't found the camera lead .... well actually I haven't had time to look, there's just not enough hours in the day at the moment.

I've decided to go back to writing directly on my blog rather than using the Live Writer option, as I've noticed that it's taking a little longer for my blog to load now I'm not using a photo host. So no more photo's on a tilt and with rounded corners lol.

This is the guitar that inspired the guy in Ireland to want some celtic instruments done.