Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Arhhhhh now I understand

Yesterday I tried out using Windows Live to do my blog on but it never appeared !! But this morning I see why now, I’d forgotten to untick the publish date.

Still not a lot going on in my little corner of Anglesey, I spent all day yesterday soldering these sweet little angels. Not that I was calling them sweet by the end of last night after burning my fingers for the umpteenth time lol. Sum total of pieces of glass soldered yesterday and this morning first thing …. 100 !! Then of course I had to solder all the pieces together too and add the little hanging wires which I make to be another 100 pieces soldered, the things I do to earn a crust and a tiny crust at that I might add.

I was talking to my oldest daughter last night on msn, and she was waiting for her hubby to come back with a plant she’d won on Freecycle. What a monster it turned out to be too !! I’ve told if she gets bored with it , to give me a shout I’ll give it a very good home, although I think my dog might think it’s a tree. As you can see from the photo, it’s quite a large yucca plant lol.



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