Friday, 1 July 2016

What happened to summer ?

Here on Anglesey we seem to have gone from a brief glimpse of summer, straight to autumn, with rain, strong winds and cold weather !! I've even had to go back to sleeping under my winter quilt, instead of the sheet and thin blanket I'd been using a few weeks ago.

The most annoying thing is that the weather is holding up further work in the garden. The main part of the shed is finished now, and all that needs to be done is some breeze blocks covered up just to make them look less ugly. The next thing was to build some decking, the base of which will also be pallets, but this horrible weather has stopped all our plans in their tracks. Very annoying as we've got family visiting next weekend and wanted to be able to sit our on our decking and have a BBQ. Mind you I don't suppose sitting out in almost gale force winds would have been much fun anyway lol.

My daughter in law, who found out she had cancer in October 2014 at 34 yrs old, has just started a blog about what she has been through and how she's coped. Despite being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and then even worse cancer of the bones, which isn't curable, she has written this blog not only telling the reader about her journey through various treatments. How it felt and how she felt, she has also managed to inject a sense of humour  into it, which I am amazed at. If you know anyone with cancer who might find some comfort in her story, or you'd just like to read about this brave woman then pop along to her blog

I've slowly but surely been building my stock on Etsy and now have almost 100 hundred listings. As I find jewellery quite hard to do because of the numbness in my finger tips I occasionally go back to doing the odd bit of needle felting, so todays picture will be a mixture of needle felting and jewellery.

You can as always go and have a look at all my thing by popping over to my Etsy shop >> Etsy Shop

Friday, 13 May 2016

Wow lovely sunshine

Well I for one have welcomed this past few days of sunshine, what about you ? The only trouble is, if the suns out so am I, so no jewellery gets made ....ooops. My partner and my daughter have made the most of this lovely weather to crack on with building a shed, big enough to hold both my mobility scooters and a load of boxes of stuff that there's not room in the house for. It hasn't been an easy task, as they've made it all with pallets, none of which have been square. This wasn't such a problem when doing the walls, but the door frame was another thing altogether. It took all day yesterday to get a door frame that was square, and seeing as my partner isn't a joiner, believe me it wasn't an easy task. Todays project is building a door for the said shed.

Anyway, these are a few of my latest bracelets, I've also got a sale on at the moment of some pendants, reduced from £6.50 to £4.50, do pop over to my Etsy page if you'd like to see them

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