Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Guess who lol

As always despite my best intentions to keep up with my blog, real life keeps getting in the way all the time. Especially when the sun was shinning as much as it was not so long ago. We spent as much time as possible out and about during that spell, as it was a welcome break from all the kids off on school holidays screaming, shouting and swearing all day long. Also good to get away from the roofers that are banging from 8am in the morning ....which has been going on for at least the last 6 to 8 weeks. How I miss the peace and quiet of Anglesey sometimes..... did I say sometimes ...I mean all the time lol.

The sunny days were spent wandering along the canal, river and going to various other places. Morecambe always seems to have lots going on, so we've gone over there for various festivals. Watched bands play at The Platforms, and sand castle competitions. One day we went to a lovely place called Heysham, where we went and looked at the ruins of an old church and some viking graves, they were such small people the vikings. The village itself was also beautiful, and it's a place we'll definitely go back to time and again. We even found a beach where I can get my scooter right down too, which was a lovely bonus.

Another day Jim even managed to get me down to the banks of the River Lune, the path down to it was a bit hairy for me lol and I even had to get off once because I was so scared of falling down the side into the river lol.  Future visits will see me staying to the higher part of Crook o Lune where there's a nice cafe, which bikers tend to congregate, Jim can look at the bikes I can look at ....well I'm sure you can guess lol. We went to another cafe where bikers met up in Glasson Docks, while we were there, a couple pulled up in a very odd looking thing which looked like a cross between a bike and a car lol.

Last Sunday we went to Halton Festival, even though the weather didn't look to promising. They had live music all day, some stalls, food and all the usual stuff festivals have. Jim was really pleased to see that one of the bands were who he used to play with and was also their sound engineer. They were playing blues music something I love. So all in all it was a good day out.

I've taken loads of photo's since I was on here last as you can imagine. So I'll just put a few on for you.

 photo DSC02261a_zps9fdafe80.jpg

 photo DSC02429a_zpsfd9f34a8.jpg

 photo DSC02423a_zps8957e217.jpg

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