Saturday, 11 April 2009

Gorgeous day

What a gorgeous sunny day it's been today, the sun has been out since first thing this morning and is still out now as type this at tea time. But sadly the shadows have reached the top of my garden, so I can't sit out in it any longer.It's quite unusual for it to be this sunny for Easter weekend. Holiday makers are here in their swarms today, stripping the shelves in Tesco's of every bit of fresh vegetables, it was the same yesterday too. It almost looked like the Xmas rush in there, people with shopping trolleys piled high, with everything imaginable. Anyone would think the place was closing down for a week rather than just one day !!

I've been plodding on with my latest mirror and it's starting to take shape nicely, but it's very time consuming sticking on 100's of seed beads in between the mosaic tiles. My daughter Jenny has already started another project, this time it will be a clock in a similar style to mirror in the post below.

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