Saturday, 18 April 2009

Lazy day

Despite my best intentions, yesterday turned out to be a lazy one for me. The latest mosaic still sits ungrouted, and no angels have been cut out... but what the hell lol.

We had a bit of a drama when my daughter got up, as she couldn't log on her pc...shock horror !! She got a message on her screen saying the password had expired. A quick text was sent to my son in law who'd formatted her pc a few weeks ago, but that wasn't any help as he hadn't passworded it either !! What a dilema .... so I went to a forum I use and asked if anyone could help, and along came a knight in shinning armour by the name of Tony. Tony very helpfully sent me a link with some instructions on to sort the problem out. Now usually when I read instructions to do with pc's I fall at the first post, as I'm just not very good with them, but these were very easy to follow and surprise surprise I got the problem sorted out !! I sent Tony a heartfelt thank you message and as you do, we got talking, and us adding each other to msn...where we continued to talk, laugh, and joke the entire night away. I'm very tempted to post a photo of Tony as he's got some brilliant tattoo's, but as I wouldn't be able to see his horrified face .... I'll resist that temptation..... for now, *evil grin* lol.

My daughter is off to Bromgrove for a few days tomorrow, I've opted to stay at home this time as I've got a lot of glass work I need to get done, and I'm also hoping/expecting a letter from the council which might be good news on the permanent home front too. Hopefully if the sun thats peeking through my blind continues I'll be sitting outside doing some glass cutting :o)

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