Sunday, 17 June 2012

Rain, rain and wind !!

What terrible weather it's been !! Here in Lancaster we've had nothing but wind or rain, or a combination of the two for the last 3 days. I was particularly gutted as I was supposed to do a summer fair on Saturday, with my friend Di. But on looking out of the window, I just had to admit to myself it wouldn't be a good idea to go off on my scooter to the other end of town, pushing my battery levels to their limits and getting soaked into the bargain. I'd had a sore throat for a few days and also the arthritis in my knee's has been particularly painful since last weekend. So I decided I had to be sensible ( not like me at all lol ) and not go.

The day wasn't wasted though, and I've been beavering away doing another new line, some pretty little stained glass and bead suncatchers. Luckily they just need some light and not sunshine, to show them off nicely. I'm very pleased with them, and once I've cleaned off any residue flux off them, I'll be showing off my latest idea. I also started restocking my little stained glass angels, as I was getting very low on them. I have to admit I don't enjoy doing them, they're very fiddly and also as they are so small I constantly burn my fingers when I solder them, but they are always popular no matter what time of the year, so I shall suffer lol, and probably curse a few choice words in the process lol.

Having got up yesterday morning at 5am, by 4pm I was starting to feel tired. Even though I was going to cook a time consuming roast dinner, I said to Jim I'll just have a little snooze for an hour........ two hours later I woke up !! Through bleary eyes I asked Jim to turn the oven on for me. It's already on he said ...what a sweetheart he'd already started the dinner. Lovely smells were soon wafting  in from the kitchen and my mouth started to water. Three quarters of an hour later, the yummiest dinner I've had for quite a while was put in front of me. Marinated chicken, shredded cabbage, roasted garlic, gravy and the most gorgeous roast potatoes I've EVER had. I do love  living with a man that just gets on with things, without huffing and puffing and making fuss because he cooked the dinner !!!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A christening, and some good and bad reviews !!

This weekend Jim and I were off to Anglesey for my little grand daughter Ruby Jo's christening. My son Ben and two friends were coming from Birmingham to pick us up, first spending the day in Blackpool, on their way.

Saturday night we went out for a meal in Lancaster at The Keys in Lancaster I cannot rate this place highly enough. The staff were very polite and helpful. The meal was superb, and the portions more than ample for even the biggest appetite.

 Sunday saw us off to Anglesey for a couple of days, for the christening and meeting up with more of the family that had also travelled up from the Midlands. The christening was lovely and Ruby was smiles all the way through the service even when the vicar splashed her with water at the font lol. The weather was beautiful, even though a lot of the uk was fighting floods, we were bathed in sunshine, apart from a few drops of rain early in the afternoon.

 Monday, although some of the family were fighting hangovers (not me *smirk*) from our usual sing song and heavy drinking session the night before, we went off to Moel y Don beach. After being dissapointed that our usual session at the go carting centre was a non starter as it wasn't open Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. We spotted a sign for RibRide Adventure Boat Trips, this would be a great alternative ..we thought. How wrong were we, because the boss was apparently away for a week, the guy that answered the phone said they could only do trips out for 7 or more people and that worked out at £24 per person. That was fine we had 7 once my daughter finished work, and my youngest son Billie had been collected. So we rang back to confirm it, only to find they couldn't find the guy that usually drives the rib !! But he'd ring us back before 3pm to let us know one way or the other, that didn;t happen so we'd sat around for ages waiting for nothing.

My son said there was another place in Menai Bridge that did rib rides, Porth Daniel Leisure Ltd so we rang that instead. Yes they did rib rides, but couldn't do another one because it was after 3pm, and they weren't doing any more till the Weds. You would think that with recession being as bad as it is and businesses closing down all over the place they would welcome being able to get the rib filled with one family, but apparently not !!

 Resigned not be having any kind of adventure on this trip, we decided to go for a meal before we left for home. We chose to go to a place called Parc Britannia Pub Restaurant locally known as Table Table as we'd heard good reports about the standard of the food. Well, I don't know if we hit them on a bad day or what but the main meal was horrible. The pies had very little meat in them, the plates were boiling hot but the chips were cold. My son who's a chef said the lasangne was horrible and left half of his. Jim and my daughter had the 6 oz burgers, both of them were over cooked and dry. We were extremely dissapointed and despite the starters being lovely, we complained and got our drinks for free. I'll put some photo's on in few days when I've sorted them out.