Thursday, 19 March 2009

What a farce

What a farce the whole hospital thing turned out to be !! After arriving at the hospital in plenty of time for my appointment at 2.15 I sat and waited ...and waited.. and waited, finally at 2.45 I stopped the woman who took my hospital letter off me with the appointment time on it and asked why I hadn't been seen yet, she dissapeared off for another 5 mins and then came back to tell me that on Monday they'd changed my appointment to 3.45 pm. What a bloody shame no one bothered to tell me !!! I was fuming, so when I was told I could wait another hour and see the dr I refused point blank and said no thanks I'll go home. I walked off before I totally lost my temper and swore at someone.

I got back to my daughters car with steam coming out of my ears lol. I soon calmed down when she told me she'd just had a phone call and were going to see, a guy we both know who was moving to Thailand on Friday, and who had a washing machine he didn't want. I hoped it might be a higher spin speed than the one we got off Freecycle last week, but it wasn't, so we left it there. After a cuppa and a few laughs with Rob and his mate Hugo, Rob dissapeared upstairs to get us a couple of mechanical dolls he thought we might be able to sell on Ebay and make ourselves a few quid. When he came back down bearing these two treasures, we all roared with laughter, they must be the most ugly dolls I've ever seen !! If anyones seen the film Bride of Chucky, these dolls made him look like Goldilocks lol. But we took them anyway and at some point I'll put them on they might sell as they were made in the Bronx so someone might buy them.

Last night my keyboard decided to throw a final wobble and die on me completely. It's been playing up for few days now, but of course it had to go completely just on a night when I couldn't get to sleep !!

I had an email off my mate Ray this morning, and he'd sent me some long awaited update photo's on the refit of his boat he lives on. As I've mentioned before the refit has happened because he's had an extra 10 feet added on it,this is to give him more workshop room. I can see a definite improvement Ray lol.

We'd hoped to met up last year as Ray's going to teach me the basics of flame worked beads, but for various reasons it just never happened, hopefully as we've got more relible transport it'll happen this year. I'm not particularly into beads, but I am interested in the technique as I have a small kiln so could make small roundells and then anneal them in my kiln and use them in stained glass panels.





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Dafthermit said...

Hospitals eh Jane wow Ray's barge looks amaing oh and by the way i have awarded you an award please pop over for it

andy xx