Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mental block

I seem to have a mental block on doing the 2nd boot for some reason, which is very annoying because I want to do some machine embroidery on it and I've only got the machine for a short while.I'm tempted to just leave it for a bit and do something totally different, but I know what I'm like when I leave something part done ...... it usually ends up never getting finished lol !! Decisions decisions

We picked up the washing machine from the person who'd kindly donated it to Freecycle, and it's taken me and my daughter 2 days to get it in place and plumbed in !! Also there's a trail of black marks ekkkkkkk, where my daughter had to walk it through the house, as I just couldn't manage to help her move it after we'd struggled to get it out of the car. At first I thought it was just normal dirt marks but yesterday I realised it's actually the black rubber feet that have done the damage. What a nightmare, I just hope the carpet shampoo stuff I bought yesterday does the trick !! Yesterday made me and my daughter realise what rubbish tools we've got. It took a joint effort on both our parts, before we managed to undo the water pipes on the back of the new machine and attach my old pipe back on it again, with a rusty and very heavy adjustable spanner. But we did it in the end and there's no leaks ....sigh of relief !!

The mosaic boot arrived at it's new home yesterday, and has pride of place on the ladys mantlepiece now and she loves it. It's arrival did cause a bit of a stir on the forum we both use though. This lady has been going through a pretty hard time one way and another lately, and was also a bit short of cash so had asked if she could pay me in a couple of weeks. I was more than happy to do this because I knew I'd get the money. However the twist to the tale was, that in the meantime one of her friends decided it would be great to buy it for her as a surprise !! So when Jo opened the parcel yesterday morning all she found in it, was a cryptic message from me saying this was bought as a surprise for her lol. Even though she begged me to tell her who'd bought it for her, I decided it wasn't my place to tell her and in the end I had text her friend and get her to come online and reveal herself, as Jo was frantic to know who this person was lol.

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