Saturday, 7 March 2009

Wasted day

Well yesterday was a bit of a wasted day. I didn't want to start getting all the stuff out for the other boot, as I knew I had to go shopping later on once my daughter woke up. She eventually woke up at 1pm, she certainly made the most of being back in her own comfy bed lol. So by the time the shopping was done and I'd cooked dinner, the day was pretty much over for me. I'm an early morning person, so once it gets past 4pm my body automatically starts winding down ...not the time to start a new project. So I caught up with loads of emails, that were long over due, with me being away.

But I'm up early, so once I've parcelled up the mosaic boot to send to it's new owner I'll be getting stuck in with next boot.

I downloaded the photo's Id taken while I was at my daughters yesterday, so here's a few of them.

Eilidh, the daughter of an ex and my youngest grand daughter.


My grand daughter trying to stop her mom from taking close ups of snowdrops lol.


A knobbly tree which made me think of Dave from the Woodwose blog.


And lastly a couple of residents from the nature centre.


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