Monday, 9 March 2009

Grumpy old git

The last two days I've been a right grumpy old git, and feeling pretty sorry for myself.I'm rarely low so it does tend to hit me like a ton of bricks, but now the doom and gloom has gone and I'm back to my usual self again.

Due to my grumps nothing crafty has been done either tut tut !! But hopefully now I'm feeling happier I'll be able to get on and create something again. Any money I make from them will go to my going back to Scotland again fund, to see Andy and Mel from Even though we've managed to stay in touch by text, when they've been somewhere with a signal, it's not been the same as reading their adventures on their blog. So I was really happy to see that Andy had managed to get somewhere with a signal when they went to Inverness today and managed to update his blog a bit. He's also found a pc shop where he can go and do this regularly now, so that's an added bonus :o)

The mosaic boot got posted off to it's new owner and she should have recieved it today or tomorrow hopefully. I hope she likes it !!

I got a phone call this morning from someone on Freecycle to say I'd been lucky enough to get the washing machine they'd put on there. That's brilliant news as my faithful old one, that I had inherited from my dad had given up the ghost, and was pouring water all over the kitchen floor. So we're going to pick that up tonight, I can't wait. I just hope it fits in my daughters car which is only small, fingers crossed about that one !!!

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