Saturday, 14 March 2009

Giving up !!

After spending the last 3 days on the 2nd boot, I'm giving up. I'm just not happy that I can't get the vibrant colours with the material,embroidery, beads, and mirrors that I can with glass. If I carry on I'll never be completely happy with it, and that's just not good enough for me.

Also and much more important to me, is that doing the hand sewing has made arthritus flare up on the base of my right thumb. As art and crafts are a huge part of my life, I can't risk continuing doing something, that might in the future affect me being able to carry on doing other artisic things. So the embroidered panel is being consigned to the bin lol !!

So I've been sat here since 4am this morning debating on what to do next. I've got some wavy mirrors which would look quite nice mosaiced, and I could sell for a reasonable price or I might start doing a new mosaic on the other boot. The owner of the gallery where a lot of my glass work goes to be exhibited was very keen on the first boot and wanted it down there, but it had sold already, so maybe I'll do it for there. Hmmmm I'll see.

As I mentioned on yesterdays blog, the lady that's got the first boot is going to a collectors fair to show her collection of Dr Martens. My boot I've found out since is going to be shown on an illuminated glass block with spotlights on it !! So I've arranged to do some business cards, hopefully with my new website ( when I do it ) on it and they'll be put next to the boot. So hopefully I may get a commission or two from this.

I had an email yesterday from a very good friend of mine Terry in North Caroline, she and I have been penpals now for the last 15 months, and write to each other every day. She has also taken the plunge and started a blog, she does beautiful stained glass. It was our mutual love of glass that first made Terry get in contact with me, but over the months we've been in contact we've got much closer and there isn't much that goes on in both our lives, that we don't share with each other. Her blog is here
and below is a photo of one of her stained glass panels as a little taster of what you'll find on her blog.


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Dafthermit said...

Hi Jane just popped by to say hi ,managed to get the laptop fixed so back online been welll twitchy and my wee head is full of so many stories

lots of love from us xx