Friday, 20 March 2009

Just a quick one

Just a quick blog this morning, as I'm off to my daughters in the Midlands today for a few days. As usually getting things packed is a last minute thing, one of these days I'll be organised !!!

While we're at my daughters this time we're meeting up with an ex of my sons, who we haven't seen for 8 yrs. She's just back from a trip to Australia, one of many adventures abroad she's had since we last saw her. So it'll be catch up time. I'm also going to see a biker friend of mine, who I haven't seen online for a while, I just want to check he's ok. I'm not keen on the area of Birmingham he lives in, last time I went to visit him he had to tie his huge trike chain around my steering wheel and round my accelerator to make sure no one stole my car !! So this time my daughters will just drop me off there, and come and pick me up later lol.

Yesterday was a beautifully sunny day and sat outside in the garden most of the morning, I just hope this isn't our summer !!!

Right time for me to go and get organised ...such a difficult thing for me lol.

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Dafthermit said...

sounds like a busy few days all our love andy x