Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sunny days

Yet another sunny day found me out in the garden again, finishing off all the weeding. For a tiny bit of garden I've managed to fill one of those big green wheelie bins ....I'm sure it wasn't that untidy !! I managed to sweep down one side of the garden, but had to give up after that my back was killing me. My son and his girlfriend are coming round today so I'll get him to tidy up the top part of the garden by the back door and move the old washing machine so that looks tidy and then that's the whole thing all neat and tidy ... a job well done me thinks. All I need then is to get a few bedding plants when the time's right and I'll have some colour out there for the summer.

I still seem to have a creative block for some reason, so the 2nd boot still sits there mockingly looking at me all day. It's rare I get these blocks and they always seem to happen when I need money the most, maybe there's a link ...hmmm not thought of that before I actually wrote it.

I was chatting to my oldest daughter and her daughter online last night. It seems there was a slight accident at their house yesterday. My grand daughter who's been helping out in the garden lately ( well done Raggz ) went into the garden stood on a rake handle and it hit in her the eye !! She's now sporting a lovely black eye lol, it sounded like something out of a comedy script when they were telling me last nite. Not to miss a photo opportunity my daughter took a photo of it, apparently the bruising has come out a lot more since the photo below, I guess that means a lot longer spent in front of the mirror this morning doing her eye make up before school. Also a photo of my youngest grand daughter who's been laid up with a tummy bug for the last few days also feeling very sorry for herself. This little girl is one of the happiest kids I've ever known, so it must be very bewildering for her being sick all the time, bless her.



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