Sunday, 29 March 2009

Happier day

My sad mood is slowly inching away, and I'm starting to think of happier things. The dress to impress saga for my sons wedding is causing much hilarity in our house, between me and my daughter.

The bridegroom to be, has rung me up two days on the trot now, which is quite a rarity in itself lol. This time he started going on about where we would be staying and started telling me about the cost of hotel rooms, b/b's etc, it was then I had to give him a reality check. When I say we're constantly skint, I really mean it.

Even buying a new skirt will be a supreme effort, as there's literally no money left once the bills have been paid, and foods been bought.So the luxury of staying in an hotel in Falmouth which isn't the cheapest of places, at the height of the season, is just not going to happen, unless a miracle occurs and I find a way of earning extra money ...which is also highly unlikely.

Once my son had grasped the concept that skint in our house really does mean skint, he then remembered that his mate Paul had got a 12 man tent he's talking !!! So, hopefully we'll be able to find a cheap campsite and do it that way. Although I have to say the thought of trying to get ready for wedding in a tent isn't very appealing lol. But when needs must, you do what you have to do.

The sun showed its face today after a week of very grey, damp weather and very welcome it was too. I managed to clean up the top part of the garden which had been shelved before, because the weather turned. Now all in the garden is ship shape, and I sat and enjoyed looking a a couple of plants that are looking very spring like.

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