Monday, 30 March 2009

Brilliant day !!

What a great day I've had, first of all a phone call from my son the bride groom to be, saying as an early Xmas present him and his girlfriend have booked myself and my daughter into a hotel for 3 days in Falmouth, for his wedding whoooo. As my other son Ben, my daughter Emma her hubby and 2 of her kids, plus our friends Mandy, Martin, Paul, and Jason from Birmingham, are also booked into the same hotel, I can see it'll be a good time even without the wedding lol !!

Then as an added bonus I've found my long time friend Sharron on Facebook via her ex boy friend Scully. Scully very helpfully passed on her mobile number to me and it turns out Sharron had been trying to find me too, but as I've moved around a fair bit in the last few years she didn't know where to start !! Even better she's not a million miles away from where my daughter lives in the Midlands so we'll be catching up next time we go and visit I'm sure.

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Jude said...

Hello, just wandering around blogworld and Angelsey first caught my eye ( I come from Llangollen) then I was reading your posts, (love your work).
Well, then I get to a post about your son getting married, in Falmouth..I lived there before sailing off on an adventure with my husband.
May I ask, does he live there? Was he there 6 years ago?
And you thought you could ramble??
I'd love you reply