Friday, 1 May 2009

A very interesting day

I had an email from Mike at the gallery yesterday, saying he'd had a guy from Ireland in, showing a lot of interest in the remaining mosaic guitar. This guy was interested in me doing some instruments with more of a celtic feel for him as he owns a guitar shop, and that he'd passed on my details to him. Within minutes of me getting the email, I had a text off the guy in person and he's going to ring me today. Hopefully this may bring in a commission.

I'm feeling very tired this morning, I got up at 5 am yesterday and worked pretty much solidly all day till 11pm on various stained glass things, apart from a chat on msn with a friend, taking the dog out for a walk, and cooking my dinner. I decided to patina 3 of the 6 rainbow coloured twirly sun catchers for a differet effect and to see if they sold better than the silver soldered ones. When you patina silver solder it turns the solder black, this is then polished up with grate polish to bring it to shine, very messy and time consuming but effective. I've also started doing 5 ladybird sun catchers these are something completely new to me and may appeal to people with children. I've got one more ladybird to copper foil and then it'll be soldering later today. I must remember to take photo's of the twirly sun catchers and ladybirds before I take them to the gallery. I still haven't found the camera lead .... well actually I haven't had time to look, there's just not enough hours in the day at the moment.

I've decided to go back to writing directly on my blog rather than using the Live Writer option, as I've noticed that it's taking a little longer for my blog to load now I'm not using a photo host. So no more photo's on a tilt and with rounded corners lol.

This is the guitar that inspired the guy in Ireland to want some celtic instruments done.




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Marg said...

Absolutely awesome.