Monday, 25 May 2009

Happy and Positive :o)

I woke up yesterday morning feeling happy and positive, I love it when that happens. It's usually at times like this, that I get something I can only describe as a fizzing bubble in my stomach. I've had this many many times in the past and it's usually because something good is on the horizon.

A rare trip to the car boot was the start to my day yesterday, as there's always the chance of finding some lovely treasure at these places, I thought the bubble might be because of that. As I'd hoped, because it was bank holiday and sunny too, there was good turn out of booters. We wandered up and down the aisles, peering in boxes, routing through piles of stuff. I was particularly looking for things to mosaic, and my first find was half sized guitar, then further on an even smaller guitar, if I'd have got nothing else I would have been happy with those. But as we carried on our merry way I found a pretty little wooden box also to receive the mosaic treatment and two nice thick books to read at some point.

I was busy looking at one stall and my daughter called to me to come and look at something, she looked quite excited so I knew she spotted something good. It was a lovely triangular set of drawers, I've seen these before at car boots and they're usually well out of my price range. But luck was on our side and after a bit of haggling which I love doing, we got it for £10... a real bargain !! As there was quite a few ethnic looking things I lingered there for a while, and got chatting to the lady who's stall it was, after while I looked at her and said, " You seem like someone we should know " lol. This might seem like an odd thing to say to a complete stranger, but my daughter and I both believe that certain people come into our lives for a reason, and I got this feeling so strongly from this lady I just had to say it. She obviously knew exactly what I meant because she never batted an eyelid, and we carried on chatting, she's into meditation, sensory perception development, drumming and shamanic (being in tune with the earth) all of which interests me and my daughter. I saw a book which I passed to my daughter to look at, it was a book on developing sp, this lady looked at my daughter and asked if she saw visions, my daughter replied no .... the lady looked directly at her and said with complete certainty "You will". I think this lady has still got more to tell us, as she gave me her mobile number, which is something you rarely do with a complete stranger too.

The second thing on the agenda for yesterday was for me to redread my daughters hair. She'd had dreadlocks for 2 yrs up until recently, but then on a whim she decided she wanted to get rid of them, so she spent almost whole week combing them out, this is no easy task trust me. One of the reasons that she decided to get rid of them was because she felt that people were seeing her dreads as part of her personality, which she wasn't happy about. Now two weeks later she's realised that they are part of her personality lol. But at least it gave me chance to cut 6" off her hair, which will make the dreads much shorter and lot less heavy which was bothering her quite a lot as the dreads were half way down her back. They took quite a long time to do, but as it was still sunny at least were able to sit and enjoy the sun while I did it. This time we're going to keep a photo record of how they develop...sadly I've been told I'm not allowed to show the progress of them lol.

A bit of a long blog today I'm afraid, if you've made it to the end of my ramblings today well done !!!

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