Thursday, 28 May 2009

Busy busy busy

Tuesday morning heralded the arrival of a very large parcel, for a moment my daughter and I couldn't begin to think what was in it. Then it dawned on us, it was the guitar from Ireland from John who had commissioned me to mosaic it, how exciting !! So most of the day yesterday I was working out a design for it. In my excitement however I forgot to include the position of the bridge in it, ...what a wally lol. So a mornings work was wasted, that'll teach me eh. So I worked late into the night doing a new design, this will be slightly different to most of the mosaics I've done before, as I intend to use different shaped pieces of glass on it, as well as my trademark of teeny tiny pieces of glass. John has left it entirely to me what design I did on it, his only request was that it didn't have anything celtic on it. At first I thought great, I can do whatever I like on it...then after pondering what design to do, I realised that maybe it might have been easier if he'd have given me a few guidelines as what he likes. After thinking about flowers, or fairies or other mystical beasties, I decided on an abstract design, as this might be more pleasing to the eye.

I also still need to photograph my latest stained glass creations too, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day lately despite me waking up long before the world wakes.

My bronchitis, although better than it was, certainly isn't cleared up by a long way. With only one days antibiotics left, I'm beginning to think the doctor was right about me making another appointment to see him. My cough is still there, my nose is still producing vast amounts of what can only be called gunky stuff, and my chest is wheezing and crackling really badly at times. My usual inhalers are barely having any effect on my breathing, especially now there's been some warmer weather which always aggravates my asthma anyway. So I shall be trotting off to see Dr Nagaraj on Tuesday morning after all.

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