Saturday, 16 May 2009

Jesus..... what a night !!!

It's a very tired and weary blogger writing this today. Last night must be one of the worst nights sleep I've had in a very long long time, and for someone that survives on approx 5 hrs sleep on a regular basis, I think that gives you some idea how bad it was.

After eventually dropping off to sleep last night around 12ish, I got woke up by my oldest grand daughter and her mate coming in from camping in the garden overnight, to use the loo. I managed to drift off again, only to be woken again by my youngest grand daughter Lacey Mae wailing her head off for hours ...or that's what it seemed like. My son in law eventually managed to get her settled, that left me wide awake for hours by that time. I eventually drifted into a half sleep only to be woken again by Lacey's crying. Yet again my son in law managed to get her settled and then I got what seemed to be a few minutes sleep before Lacey woke again grrrrrr. This was her waking up for the day so no chance of any more sleep.

As my daughter and son in law couldn't get any more sleep, it seems that making as much noise as possible was the order of the day !! My oldest daughter is deaf, so she has no concept of how loud she's talking anyway, and trust me it's always pretty loud lol. So when my son in law decided to launch himself at her in bed, the noise level got to something akin to a jumbo jet taking off ...with high pitched shrieks and cackling laughter included. My younger daughter was then forced to drag herself out of bed at this point as she couldn't stand the noise any longer either.

At various times the noise upstairs has gone quiet, so just to be nice , we've been shouting upstairs to make sure they get no sleep either and I've even got a couple of saucepans and banged them together really loudly just make sure they can't get to sleep lol.

As I'm typing this ...... me, my daughter and the oldest daughter are hatching a plan to get back at my son in law who has obviously ate too many E numbers and is hyperactive. So far salt in his tea and wrapping masking tape round his works van doors seems to be a popular idea !!!

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