Friday, 15 May 2009

Different day, different place.

Yesterdays walk never happened because my daughter spontaniously decided that we were going to visit her older sister in Bromsgrove, so here I am. Shortly after we arrived I went to check on my main email address and sign on msn messenger, only to find for the life of me I couldn't remember the passwords !! I tried every combination I could think of but couldn't get on either. After getting extremely het up because they kept wanting to send me a reset your password to the email adresses I couldn't log onto...I eventually managed to answer some security questions correctly ( god knows how I managed that one !! )

the drive here seemed to pass quite quickly and I managed to pass the time by warbling away to an old cd I'd found and took with me .... no wonder it's tipping down with rain today lol.

We're off to met up with a couple of my sons today, one has got a warehouse, which at the moment has got loads of arts and crafts stuff that he's selling on Ebay. So I'm looking forward to having a good old ferret around, hopefully I might be able to get a few bits and bobs off him cheaply ..or maybe even free if he's in a good mood lol.

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