Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Early start

An early start was in order yesterday, as my daughter and I had decided to go to the Tuesday car boot for a change. We might as well have not bothered, it was rubbish literally. I only managed to get two things, one was one of those mini fridges and the other a small occasional table which had a glass inset on the top, which I thought might look nice mosaiced. From the car boot it was off to do the fortnightly shop .... which both my daughter and myself find incredibily boring, but is one of life's necessities.

By the time this was all done and put away, I was not only shattered but in quite a lot of pain and was very stiff from overdoing it the day before I think. So I wasn't really looking forward to going on a walk, in fact I doubted that I'd even manage to walk anywhere. But when we got to Penrhos beach, my resolve kicked in with a little help from the dog looking longingly at me through the car window. So off I went, I headed down to the sea so that dog could have a paddle if he wanted and then set off across the beach. Although the sun was blazing down, the wind was howling across the beach straight into my face. Much to my surprise I managed to walk from one end to the other, and only having a 2 min fag break I walked back again. Considering that a few days ago I only managed to walk halfway along this beach I was pretty chuffed with myself.

When we got home I had a phone call off the homeless guy from the council, he wants to bring yet another inspector round to look at the damp in my kitchen. This is the 4th time the damp has been inspected !! I suspect that this time it's due to the fact that Shelter has issued the council with a Public Nuisance order with regards to this problem, and the 21 days they had to do something about it is up. One things for sure is that this dampness is affected by the amount of rainfall we have, and as there hasn't been an awful lot of continuous rain fall lately, I'm sure they'll try and worm their way out of having to do anything. I fully intend to make both of them stick their noses in my supposed food cupboards from which an overwhelming smell of damp comes from, the smell is that bad I have to store my food in a different room. I've also got a particular dislike to the homeless guy that's coming around today, compared to the other one I've had dealings with, I find this one rude, arrogant and very condescending, not the right attitude at all for someone dealing with people who have lost their homes. BUT ...I'm ready to do battle with him, if I have to today !!

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