Thursday, 14 May 2009

Grrrrrrrr @ the council

As I suspected the visit from the council yesterday, was yet another ruse for them to get out of sorting out the damp problem in my kitchen. They put the problem down to poor ventilation in there, and even had a leaflet ready in hand on how to help prevent damp, to give me as they walked through the door. All the issues in the leaflet were to do with poor ventilation !! They seemed to ignore the fact that I told them the dampness definetly got worse after a spell of prolonged rain, despite me telling them this at least 2 or 3 times ...*sigh*

As a result of this visit I emailed the lady at Shelter that is dealing with this problem for me, to update her with the results. She replied very quickly to say that as the council had not dealt with the pre-action disrepair protocol/Environmental protection Act letter satisfactorily, the issue had already been passed on to one of their solicitors.

Although I was expecting this outcome, it still sent me into a bit of a grump all day and I've woken up this morning still in a grump !!

I didn't go out for a walk yesterday, I was tired and still in a fair amount of pain from the last couple of days. But weather permitting I shall be going out today for one.


Dafthermit said...

bloody hell Jane

i hope you manage to get this sorted

i told mel you posted a wee letter

andy xxx

Dave Jones said...

In my experience the people from the council turn up to work and pray for the time they can leave. they care not a sh*t about other peoples woes as they lack the ability to project themselves into your position, would they want to put up with what you have to? I dont think so. good luck. Dave

Jane said...

Thanks for the good luck Dave, you've only confirmed what I already knew I think about council workers.