Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wet and windy

It was a very wet and windy day in Anglesey today, a shame that the wind wasn't at it strongest when it was high tide. But it was still worth a drive around our favourite beaches when we took our dog out for his walk. I have to admit he took himself for a walk today though and even he didn't stay out too long lol.

I took some photo's of the sea, it was pretty spectacular to see for real, but the photo's don't do it justice sadly. Hard to capture the sound of the wind blasting through the car window, smothering my camera lens with rain in about a second.


It seems to the time for change for some of my friends. Mel and Andy who I'm going to stay with in a couple of weeks, have just bought this lovely horsebox and are busy converting it as I type. Hopefully in time for when I get there :o)I was checking the long range weather forcast for Ullapool and there might even be some snow when I get there, fingers crossed.


Also my friend Ray who lives full time on a narrowboat, has just had his boat extended by 10ft to make room for a better workshop for his glass bead making. Trying to live and refit a boat is not an easy feat,as the photo below shows. It'll be worth it in the end eh Ray lol. Love the new colour, purple my fav :o)



ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

great photos jane

rays barge looks amazing

andy x


Oh - I just love Narrow boats, my Dadhad one when we were kids!
Yes!!!!! Very windy here today, I was collecting pallets (for firewood)- wind nearly took me off my feet!
x Vicky x

Jane said...

Pallet collecting is definetly not the thing to do in wind Vicky lol. I used to love going log collecting when we had an open fire at the old house.