Monday, 12 January 2009

Making progress

Today and yesterday were spent cutting yet more tiny glass tiles and starting to put them on the boot. I'm really pleased that everything seems to be going to plan so far. The boot is holding up with the weight of the glass, something I was a bit worried about, so all in all I'm pretty pleased so far.

I tried doing a charcoal picture from a photo of a friend sent a couple of days ago, but I wasn't happy with it so it went in the bin. I'd planned to have another go tonight but then realised that my oil pastels are still packed away in a box somewhere grrrrrr. Knowing my luck it'll be the last of about 6 boxes with all my art stuff in, so I might try using some watercolour pencils one of my sons gave me for Xmas instead. I'm not sure if they've got the colour range I need though as I want to do the picture in really vibrant colours .... we shall see later.


ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi Jane

wow the blog is really coming on ##i know the one about the last box ha ha

we are on the side of Loch ness

take care andy x

Jane said...

Hiya Andy,

Loch ness eh I've always wanted to see it, you'll have to take some photo's so I can share it with you. Is there any chance you'll be getting a PO box there so I can send Mel a birthday card ?

Jane xx