Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ooops what a surprise

Yesterday I added some things to my interest list on here. One of them was alternative lifestyles, in my head this meant hippys, travellers and the like. How wrong was I, when I clicked on it later lol !! Much to my amusement alternative lifestyles is erotica in it's various forms. Did I click the back key .... course not, the body might be falling apart but my heads still as open minded as it's always been. So I spent a happy hour ..ok ok two, exploring the various blogs reminding myself of happier times gone by ;o)Now don't all be going to look at what alternative lifestyles brings up, because I've changed it to alternative living now haha.

This morning started off at 4.30am, after a nice cuppa, my breakfast and a long soak in the bath I started cutting up more pieces of coloured glass for the boots. It's been pretty slow progress though as my fingers are sore from cutting glass yesterday. Only the green glass to cut now and I can carry on. Whether that'll get done today is yet to be seen, as Im very close to getting a blister on one the fingers that squashes the glass pliers that break the score in the glass.

The wind is pretty strong here today and I can't help but think of the waves that would be crashing over the Breakwater. A great photo opportunity missed because I can't there :o( I do love extreme weather, whether it be snow storms, gale force winds, or torrential rain I just love it. I like the sun too, but it's not exactly very exciting.


beadbabe49 said...

Actually, the sun is rare eough around here in the winter that I find it exhilarating!

Jane said...

We've had a lot of winter sun here this past couple of weeks Beadbabe, but it's been really cold though.