Saturday, 31 January 2009

How much stuff !!!

My oldest daughter and her family arrived last night about half eight, after hugging us hello, they started to bring in their bags. How much stuff for a weekend stay !!! Bag, after bag, after bag came through the door and almost filled my spare room to the rafters lol. Two matteresses, a sewing machine, a laundry basket full of toys, nappies, wet wipes, clothes, bags of material, rucksacks galore and god knows what else that I didn't see ha ha. My daughter and travelling light definetly don't go together in the same sentence.

Later that night the sewing machine was duly brought up, to see if I could thread it properly. After working out the right sequence of places for the thread to go, all was plugged in, the needle was threaded then ..... we noticied the foot was missing. The air was blue when we realised that a vital part had either been left behind or lost. No pretty sewing for me this weekend :o(

Later still my daughter and I compared materials, beads embroidery threads etc. Swapping this for that so we have more stuff to use when doing our panels. Doesn't take much to keep us two happy :o)

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