Monday, 26 January 2009

Gentle nudge

Seeing as my oldest daughter has just given me a gentle nudge and said I hadn't written on my blog for a few days I thought better write a line or two.

There's been a couple of family troubles since I wrote last, both of which will work themselves out in the end I expect. So my mind was on them rather than what I could waffle about on here.

I have however done a little bit more on the lastest panel, one things for sure this type of thing will never be a money spinner, unless of course I do panels a lot less complicated than the one I'm doing at the moment. But that's why artists are rarely rich I guess.

My post eating dog excelled himself this morning, not only did he manage to push the heavy velvet curtain back to get to the post and destroy it, he also managed to pull a good part of the curtain off the pole too !! At the moment the curtain is just hanging forlornly down, I haven't had the heart to check and see if he's destroyed the curtain hooks yet, but I'm fully expecting him to have done sigh ......

My oldest daughter and her family is coming to visit for the weekend. So we will be spending most of it pouring over some good library books shes got on embroidery, and ooohing and arhhhing over the pretty stitching no doubt lol. Trying to sort out how her sewing machine threads up and going somewhere to take some photo's no doubt. So I'm looking forward to that.

Anyway enough waffling here's the latest photo of the panel I'm doing, and also the photo of Mels panel I made for her birthday again as she's got it now, so I know she won't be mithering Andy to see it lol.




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