Thursday, 1 January 2009

A new day a new year

Well it's 2009, the new year came in very quietly for me, my daughter had fell asleep, tired after the drive home yesterday, and even the dog deserted me and went downstairs lol. But he soon came back when the fireworks started going off the big wuss !!

My new years resolution is to get my glass work seen by as many more people as I can, that's my only one too point in stretching myself too far lol. I have to admit I tend to only decide on resolutions, that I'm likely to achieve, as I hate to fail ;o)

So to start off I'm going to upload a few photo's of some of my creations today, that's me already achieved my goal this year haha. But seriously I want to find out new outlets to sell from, I'll try locally first and then further afield. I'm also going to get my work seen on the net more too, as one of the things I'm quite happy to do is do commisions, in fact a lot of the work I do is commision work to be honest. People do seem to like to own things that have been made specially for them. I've also been starting to do a page on Indiepublic today, a website with hand made items on it, once I'm happy with how that looks I'll be putting a link on here.

This is a mosaic mirror that I made it measured approx 18" x 12" and sold for £75.It included mirror tiles, stained glass tiles, metal adornments and mirror tiles.


Another mirror this one is slightly smaller and includes mirror tiles, stained glass tiles and glass nuggets.This little beauty is for sale.


Something slightly different this time, a jewellery box which is mosaiced on all sides apart from the back, this is for sale.



ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi Jane

really nice to see you building your blog with your wonderful work

dont know if this will help it is another crafty place really nice people

i will do a wee bit about your stuff on the blog

it has been crazy here still answering emails

all the best


ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

hi jane this is another good crafty place

i will do a wee bit about your stuff on my blog

it has been crazy here just about finished emails etc

lots of love