Thursday, 15 January 2009

Felt and Glass

I've spent the last couple of days alternating between doing the mosaic boots and making a felted panel. Both are going well, although I accidentally let the grout on the boot dry out too much. Getting dry grout off seed beads and glass is a pain in the arse trust me !! I've accidentally done this before so you would think I would have learnt my lesson ...oh no, not me.

I managed to get the main panel of felt done last night, I'd forgotten how many times you have to roll it backwards and forwards to get the roving to felt up lol. Then this morning I added some very pretty coloured tie dye wool by needle felting it. Now I'm in the process of adding some bead detail, I wish I had more bugle beads but never mind.


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ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi Jane

just popping in to see all is well

so much catching up to do after being of the net for 4 days

mel sends her love