Saturday, 3 January 2009

New project

I started a new project yesterday, to mosaic a pair of Dr Marten boots. That might seem an odd thing to do, but I've seen very femmine shoes mosaiced and although they look really good, I'm just not a really femmine type person. So, I thought why not do something that would appeal to me ...hence the Dr Marten boots.

The first step is to get the leather as stiff as I can, so it'll take the glass tiles without buckling under the weight. Following a suggestion from my daughter I've started to paper mache them. This seems to be working really well, and isn't taking as long to dry as I expected, which being the impatient type of person that I am, I'm pleased about that. I've done about 3 layers on one boot so far and will keep you up to date with my progress as I go.

I'm also adding more photo's of my crafts today, I wish that over the years I'd taken photo's of everything I'd made before it sold, I would have a huge portfoio by now. But as often happens you're only wise after the event.

My first photo today is of a tree sprite, this is made of copper foiled stained glass and copper wire. They are always custom made to fit each tree, and carefully attached so as not to cause the tree any damage.


Next is a leaded stained glass astrology wheel. It has various astrologic symbols painted on the glass and then is fired at a low temperature in a kiln to make the symbols permenently fixed to the glass. This measures about 14" across.


Lastly is a mirror which was called Wilderness. It is done in a unique way and is one of the few times I won't share the method with people. The abstract design winds it way around the mirror and has glass nuggets to add colour to it.



ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

Hi Jane

know what you mean about wishing you had photos of your work from the past

really good watching the blog grow


Dave Jones said...

Hi Jane

I absolutely love the tree sprite, its unique in that it adds something to the natural beauty of the tree, thats tough to do but I think you have done it.

My sister recently has been looking into our family history and our decendants who we thought came from Cardigan bay originaly came from Anglesea so I will follow your blog because I like your art and I might get an insight into one of my ancestral homes.

Regards Dave (Woodwose Carving)