Friday, 9 January 2009

Another slow start

My inability to sleep later than 4 or 5am, can sometimes make my start to the day slow and sluggish. Often by 9 or 10am I'm tired and sleepy again, sometimes I give into the longing for more sleep and curl back up for another hour or two, other times I won't give in. If I don't give in, this inevitably can find me fast asleep sitting bolt up right in my chair up at 5pm, my body forcing me to get some sleep whether I want to or not lol !!

Most of the time I enjoy this twilight world I seem to occupy, being wide awake while the world sleeps on. When all 8 of my kids were living at home, it was a positive luxury to have an hour or so alone with my thoughts. A godsend to have some crafty time with my latest creation without prying fingers or constant interuptions. Those few hours alone kept me sane that's for sure. But now I'm older, it can be annoying to feel sleepy at the very time I'm at my most creative mentally. This is probably why the boot project is taking me so long to get into, but I've made progress today and the first boot now has a trail of tiny mirror tiles winding their way lazily round the boot, the rest of the design will as usual appear as I actually put the other bits and pieces in place.

Todays photo's are more dichoric pendants. This pendant has texture to it, done by firing to a slightly lower temperature so the glass goes less molten than usual.

This is one of my favourite pendants, the same glass is used, but by turning the smaller piece of glass over it's possible to give the pendant depth to it.


Finally today is a collection of the last batch of pendants that were down the gallery, most are now sold and when I've finished doing the boots I'll finish off my latest batch of carbons that are sitting ready and waiting for bails and chains.

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