Sunday, 18 January 2009


Blearhhhhhhh is exactly how I feel today after an extremely bad nights sleep. My back was really aching and even standing for a minute was really painful.The arthritus in my knees was very bad too, making my knees burn inside and out, I'm sure you could have almost cooked an eggs on my knees last night they were so hot.

So today this has left me feeling tired, very grumpy and still in pain. I don't usually do grumpy, it's just not me. I even snapped at my dog when he stood on my foot which I don't usually do, even though he weighs a ton. But I made an extra fuss of him afterwards because I felt so guilty. I had a couple of hours sleep at midday and had a dream about an ex, which I can remember and was quite nice, it's very unusual for me to dream and even more unusual for me to be able to remember it.

I doubt I'll do anything crafty today, I'm just not in the mood.... maybe a bit of stitching on the felted panel later if I get bored. But I certainly won't be getting to grips with scraping any of the surplus grouting off the boot I've mosaiced.

Well tomorrows another day and hopefully a better one. I'm putting a few photo's of my little grand daughter today as I think they are exceptionally good. I've been trying to persuade her mom to start a blog and put her photo's on there as she's got a very good camera and is getting better and better at teaching herself digi photography, but she's resisting at the moment.

So here she is Lacey Mae, She's got the looks of an angel but trust me she's a bundle of mischief and gets into everything !!





ANDY & MEL LOWE said...

so sorry to hear you had a bad night Jane

know the pain of arthritis just like toothache but worse eh

hope you have a better night tonight

beautiful pictures

andy x

Jane said...

Thanks Andy x